How to Take Better Photos on Your iPhone

Today’s smartphones are made to serve several purposes altogether. As the newer versions are coming on the market, they are bringing more improvised technology with them. Like any other features, the camera of smartphones has also been improved. The camera is of so good quality that you don’t need to carry a traditional camera to capture some memorable moments. But there are some tricks that can help you in capturing even more prominent and good photos in your Smartphone. If you have an iPhone and want to make it more useful as the camera, then find out below the tips to do that.

You can take better photos on your iPhone in two ways. Either you can add on a lens or use some apps to capture good photos.

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How to Take Better Photos on Your iPhone

Methods to Take Better Photos on Your iPhone

Method 1:

All though the camera quality is getting improved but there is only one lens fixed in every iPhone. You can add on some lenses on your iPhone like wide angle, macro, telephone and fisheye. All those lenses can be clipped over the iPhone to get more effects.

Olloclip is the place where you will find the lens you want for all iPhone models. iPhone 6 lens is reversible so you can use any lens such as a wide-angle lens for taking a good groupie, fisheye for a prominent photo and macro lens for 10x and 15x magnification. Also if you have 35mm lens then mounting over all the lenses on an iPhone is the other option to take excellent photos.

Method 2:

There are some apps available apart from the Apple apps that offer good photos by adding various effects on the snap. For example, Cyberlink’s Youcam Perfect is a useful app and this helps you to take better photos on your iPhone by removing all the blemishes and flaws from the photos.


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