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About The Sims Social

The Sims Social brings all the freedom, fun, and creativity of The Sims to Facebook! Create customized Sims with their own unique characters, ambitions, and friends. Your Sim's friends - and enemies - are your real friends and the deeper your relationships, the further you get in the game! Build your Sim a perfect home and fulfill their wishes to live out their dreams. Control every aspect of their social life, make friends or fight, love or betray, play nice or be mean, share a first kiss or woohoo!

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  • First Release Date : Aug, 09 2011
  • Followers :4
  • Total Reported Problems:0




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    • Bird view / Isometric


    • ghosts,helicopter,life simulation,vampire,guitarplaying,crafting,frog,cooking,gardening,management,bird,online,spin-off,gods,genie,scorpions,leveling up,cow,shopping,bow and arrow,microtransaction,werewolves,treasure chest,character creation,pick your gender,lgbt,video game characters that play video games,facebook games,sleeping,never-ending,interior decorating,fictional currencies,e3 2011,interactive achievement awards 2012
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