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About The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

First-person WRPG and third mainline entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise in which the player arrives in the island of Vvardenfell, an exotic land plagued by disease-carrying storms and ruled by a godly Tribunal, in the Morrowind province of Tamriel, and takes part in the prophecy foretelling the second coming of Nerevar, who will supposedly save Morrowind from malicious clans both within and outside Vvardenfell.

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Game Modes

Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • First person
  • Third person

Alternative Names

  • TES3
  • Elder Scrolls 3
  • Morrowind
  • TESIII Morrowind
  • TES3 Morrowind


  • ghosts,assassin,hunting,sandbox,stealth,wizards,disease,vampire,murder,drugs,magic,guild,summoningsupport,death,procedural generation,mummy,archery,religion,steam,chosen one,open-world,custom soundtrack,snow,sex,inventory,slavery,racism,teleportation,sequel,good vs evil,swimming,day/night cycle,alchemy,warriors,gods,trolls,user generated content,boss fight,trainer,game of the year edition,necromancy,single-player only,anthropomorphism,bears,throwing weapons,attributes,customizable characters,leveling up,world map,bink video,human,polygonal 3d,loot gathering,goblins,skeletons,game reference,rat,werewolves,original soundtrack release,wasd movement,non-player character,,bards,escort mission,falling damage,character creation,saving the world,side quests,branching storyline,duel,archer,downloadable content,questing,melee,first person melee,real-time combat,difficulty level,knight,spellcaster,multiple gameplay perspectives,liberation,movie reference,mercenary,floating island,spies,commerce,bribery,smuggling,theft,vampire hunter,healer,changing sides,sleeping,item combination,skill tree,merchants,reptilian humanoid,mod support,particle system,dolby digital,summoners,e3 2000,fetch quests,quest tracking,mana,collector's edition,agents,levitation,alchemist,blacksmith,zero to hero,pickpocketing,lock picking,telekinesis,optional lore,fast traveling,rogues,barbarians,nameless protagonist,acrobatics,ghoul,dark elves,invented language,suggestive remark,movement penalty,battle mage,two-handed weapons,flower picking,bartender,reincarnation,god mode,lawbreaking,immersive sim,nonlinear development,negotiation,greatest hits,conjuration,illusion,vampirism,level scaling,monomyth,danger zone,tomb raiding,level by doing,witch hunter,e3 2001,xbox 360 backwards compatibility,roaming the countryside
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