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About Planescape: Torment

A CRPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Planescape in which The Nameless One, an immortal amnesiac, sets off on a quest across the infinite Planes and gathers a party of conflicted companions to find out who he is and reclaim his mortality. Throughout it, he faces the consequences of the horrors he committed in his past lives and tries to find the root of all the torment plaguing his companions and the Planes.
The game's story begins when The Nameless One wakes up in a mortuary. He is immediately approached by a floating skull, Morte, who offers advice on how to escape. Morte also reads the tattoos written on The Nameless One's back, which were inked there as reminders to himself, that contain instructions to find a man named Pharod. After a conversation with the ghost of his former lover, Deionarra, and passing by various undead,The Nameless One leaves the mortuary to explore the slums of Sigil.
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Planescape: Torment Information


  • First Release Date : Dec, 12 1999
  • Followers :98
  • Total Reported Problems:0


Game Modes

Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • Bird view / Isometric

Alternative Names

  • Torment


  • ghosts,bloody,stealth,wizards,immortality,magic,summoning support,death,proceduralgeneration,maze,pets,steampunk,puzzles,hand-to-hand combat,war,multiple protagonists,multiple endings,undead,traps,portals,open-world,dungeon crawling,dialogue trees,inventory,worm,amnesia,nudity,teleportation,day/night cycle,sword & sorcery,gods,rituals,darkness,boss fight,necromancy,single-player only,licensed game,anthropomorphism,male protagonists,platform exclusive,attributes,leveling up,world map,voice acting,top-down perspective,shopping,loot gathering,love triangle,skeletons,rat,party system,full motion video,original soundtrack release,,descendants of other characters,corpse,treasure chest,moral decisions,royalty,using dialogue to avoid combat,melee,auto-saving,stat tracking,optional boss,difficulty level,quicksaving,combat dialogue,violent plants,based on tabletop rpg,theft,anti-hero,been here before,sleeping,item combination,pacifist playthrough,protagonist death,live-action cutscene,merchants,multiple enemy boss fights,dimension travel,boss assistance,unskippable cutscene,one-handed gameplay,pausable real time combat,fetch quests,not-so-bad guys,villain turned good,book adaptation,flashback,portal,pickpocketing,lock picking,escaping imprisonment,severed limbs,cockroach,nameless protagonist,restoration,creature compendium,status effects,spell,movement penalty,full-screen attack,sex work,god mode,respawn justification,tragic hero,dark past,secret past,plane shifting,conjuration,class change,comic relief,illusion,monomyth,kill quest,collective conciousness,ancient curse,e3 1999
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