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About Metroid Prime

A 3D exploration-focused metroidvania with first-person shooting mechanics and the first 3D entry in the Metroid series, Metroid Prime follows Samus Aran after the events of Metroid (1986) as she boards a Space Pirate frigate, then chases her escaping archrival Ridley into the intricately structured Tallon IV, a planet full of deadly wildlife and former home to the advanced and ancient Chozo race.

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  • First Release Date : Nov, 17 2002
  • Followers :249
  • Total Reported Problems:0


Game Modes

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Player Perspective

  • First person

Alternative Names

  • MP


  • aliens,pirates,ghosts,exploration,bloody,gravity,first personshooter,fps,metroidvania,death,spaceship,puzzles,action-adventure,steam,backtracking,time limit,multiple endings,artificial intelligence,open-world,space pirate,snow,boss fight,explosion,single-player only,female protagonists,countdown timer,60 fps on consoles,world map,polygonal 3d,damsel in distress,upgradeable weapons,transforming boss,sequel is in a different genre,original soundtrack release,non-player character,hologram,save point,ice stage,falling damage,unstable platforms,titular antagonist,auto-aim,grapple,real-time combat,environmental puzzles,underwater gameplay,invisible enemy,vision obstruction,difficulty level,multiple gameplay perspectives,post-credits plot twist,pack-in game,mercenary,violent plants,moving platforms,sequence breaking,unlockable difficulty level,shape-shifting,predecessor included,tentacles,no dialogue,western games based on japanese ips,particle system,speedrun,boss assistance,beetle,fetch quests,rivalry,completion percentage,linear gameplay,meme origin,ancient advanced civilization technology,ambient music,camera shift,first-person platforming,optional lore,reversible cover art,disc streaming,acrobatics,creature compendium,swarming enemies,trilogy,connectivity,foreshadowing,sequel by a different developer,cliffhanger,escape from exploding building,elevators that mask loading times,greatest hits,metroid,taste of power,isolation,british academy video game awards,wave attack,motion-sensor bomb,e3 2002,e3 2001,visor reflection,interactive achievement awards 2003,game developers choice awards 2003
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