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About BioShock

BioShock is a horror-themed first-person shooter set in a steampunk underwater dystopia. The player is urged to turn everything into a weapon: biologically modifying their own body with Plasmids, hacking devices and systems, upgrading their weapons, crafting new ammo variants, and experimenting with different battle techniques are all possible. The game is described by the developers as a spiritual successor to their previous PC title System Shock 2. BioShock received high praise in critical reviews for its atmospheric audio and visual quality, absorbing and original plot and its unique gaming experience.
In the year 1960, a plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a man named Jack as the only survivor. He has the apparent luck of resurfacing in front of what looks like a door to an underwater complex. Without hesitating, Jack enters the door and is greeted by slogans that praise the city of Rapture, a paradise of free will built in the 1940s by a business magnate named Andrew Ryan. However, even before he assimilates all this new information,the descent to this supposed paradise ends and he can only see ruins and chaos. Learning about the destiny of Rapture will be now Jack's main motivation while he tries to survive the horrors that free can create.
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  • First person

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  • BS


  • ghosts,assassin,bloody,stealth,underwater,time travel,murder,photography,minigames,firstperson shooter,guitar playing,crafting,death,robots,angel,horse,1950s,steampunk,puzzles,insanity,action-adventure,religion,steam,multiple protagonists,psychic abilities,bird,backtracking,achievements,multiple endings,traps,hacking,artificial intelligence,first person,open-world,steam trading cards,revenge,dancing,torture,camera,survival horror,racism,easter egg,capitalism,teleportation,economy,echolocation,singing,mad scientist,silent protagonist,government,one-man army,boss fight,game of the year edition,explosion,spiritual successor,cloud,steam achievements,coffee,digital distribution,xbox 360 controller support for pc,single-player only,female protagonists,steam cloud,alternate historical,male protagonists,episodic content,game critics awards,playstation trophies,rivaling factions,playing cards,voice acting,corrupt government,bink video,mind control,human,polygonal 3d,shopping,skill points in game,bow and arrow,damsel in distress,upgradeable weapons,breaking the fourth wall,loot gathering,microtransaction,pop culture reference,playstation move support,motion control,cults,priest,full motion video,racial stereotypes,wasd movement,white noise,first-person regain consciousness,non-player character,fake in-game advertising,homage box art,retail games with steam activation,save point,playstation plus,checkpoints,faceless protagonist,saving the world,moral decisions,resistance,downloadable content,melee,auto-saving,first person melee,real-time combat,lgbt,environmental puzzles,underwater gameplay,a.i. companion,male antagonist,retro future,secret area,betrayal,vision obstruction,games with gold,difficulty level,nonexistent light source,self-referential humor,scary children,jump scare moment,liberation,movie reference,audio logs,vending machine interaction,rock music,political thriller,rpg elements,respawning,mercenary,falling sequence,floating island,christianity,bread,konami code,cover system,terrorists,atheism,communism,scientist,interactive environments,film noir,playstation now,villain,anti-hero,changing sides,been here before,xbox one backwards compatibility,physics manipulation,item combination,suicide,controversy,hallucination,protagonist death,games on demand,dystopian world,surveillance camera,high definition graphics,pre-order exclusive,dolby digital,dimension travel,plot twist,valuable garbage,alternate reality,horde mode,poverty,d.i.c.e. awards 2014,dlc season pass,collector's edition,role-playing shooter,new protagonist in sequel,environmental kill,psychopathy,women in refrigerators syndrome,finishing move,scripted events,fire manipulation,lock picking,whale,telekinesis,working for the enemy,fireworks,propaganda,superpowers,guided by radio,aquarium,censored version,chinese accent,fascism,arrival by crash landing,context sensitive,reversible cover art,game developers choice awards 2014,the 1980s,airship,falling object,cockroach,anarchism,sociopathy,anti-villain,secret achievements,pax east 2012,e3 2012,biotechnology,swarming enemies,bad parents,foreshadowing,verticality,sex work,playstation home tie-in,slip cover packaging,fictional currencies,utopian civilization,god complex,respawn justification,disfigurement,tragic hero,ghostly manifestation,psychics,immersive sim,redemption,biblical quotes,objectivism,sneaking mission,steam pre-purchase rewards,surgery in game,e3 2011,gamescom 2011,monomyth,southern american themes,animal weaponry,divine punishment,pax prime 2011,contest-driven development,pax east 2011,interactive achievement awards 2008,e3 2007,e3 2006,game developers choice awards 2008,ps3,shooter game,first person shooter game
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