How To Speed Up Galaxy Note 8

Have you bought the latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8? Well, this is no doubt one of the best Android devices so far that is designed to offer an excellent performance. However, every smartphone is bound to face lag with time as you keep using it more and more. The reasons are tons of applications on the device, cache memory etc. We have mentioned some of the best tips to improve the performance of your new device. Keep reading this article that explains how to speed up Galaxy Note 8.

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How To Speed Up Galaxy Note 8

There are some useful tips to enhance the overall performance of your Galaxy Note 8 and we have listed them one by one.

Enable Developer options and reduce the animation scale

There are several hidden features under the developer options in the Android phone and you can manage the performance to a great extent using them. So, the first task is to enable developer options. To do so, head towards Settings > About phone >Software Info > Build number. Now, tap on the build number 7 times and it will enable Developer Options under the settings.

Now hit back and go to settings again. Here you will notice the Developer Options. Tap on that and you will notice the animation options such as Windows animation scale, Transitions animations scale and the animator duration scale. They all are set to the default value. You are suggested to set the value to 0.5x to experience a better performance. Once done, restart the phone and you will definitely notice a huge improvement in the performance.


Restrict the background process limit

Another useful trick to speed up Galaxy Note 8 is by reducing the background process limit. If you are not ready to compromise on the animation stuff, this step can be enough to offer a boost to the overall system performance. This feature is hidden under the Developer Options. So, once you have enabled it, move on to set the background process limit as well.

Background process limit just keeps the RAM unused and do not impact any other stuff on the phone. So, go to Settings > Developer options > scroll down to the Background Process limit > Select the 4 processes option. That’s it. Just restart the phone then and you will notice a clear improvement in the performance.


Turn on the Don’t keep activities

One more hidden feature under the Developer options that can offer a boost to performance is the Don’t keep activities. When we close some apps, they keep running in the background continuously till the device runs out of memory. And this happens with each and every program we use. But, when the Don’t keep activities is turned on, it will close an app immediately as soon as we close it. No more running in the background, thus it can save huge space while also use less memory. Thus you will enjoy the excellent performance with this feature activated. Again turn on developer options and scroll down to find this Don’t keep activities feature. Turn it on and that’s it.

How To Speed Up Galaxy Note 8

Switch to another launcher

Samsung’s own user interface, the TouchWiz user interface is no doubt a very interactive one but still, it is filled with loads of customization options which make things bit tougher. So, it is good to switch to other launchers such as Google Now or Nova launcher for better performance. While Nova Launcher is designed to let you enjoy lag free and fastest performance, Google Now is very simple and looks beautiful. So, it is always suggested to get any of the launchers among Google Now and Nova to experience a better performance.


Get rid of the unused apps

Our phone is normally filled with loads of apps and we rarely use them. So, actually there are many unused apps that we have downloaded once to check its service and since then it remains unused. So, why do not get rid of those unused apps? Just go for disabling or uninstalling the unnecessary apps from your Galaxy Note 8. It will free up some useful space on your Note 8 while also some good amount of RAM will be saved. Here is how to disable or uninstall the unused apps on your Galaxy Note 8.

Go to Settings > Apps > Select the apps one by one >choose to disable or uninstall the unused apps. Now, you will definitely notice some major improvements in the performance.


Keep clearing the Cache regularly

Whatever apps or games we use on our device, all of them use a cached version and stores it in the internal memory. This cached version is very useful for multi-tasking that offers you instant access to every app and game. But when the amount of cache gets high, it actually hampers the overall performance of the smartphone. So, it is a good tip to clear the cache of each app very often to free up some precious space. You can do this going to Settings > Apps > select an app and clear its cache.

 How To Speed Up Galaxy Note 8

Disable the Always on display mode

The Always on display mode is a very useful feature on the Galaxy devices that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S6. This feature keeps the display activated always so that you can have a look at the time, date and notifications easily. But sadly this eats some great amount of battery as well and affects the performance a bit. So, it is good to disable this feature to have better performance on your Galaxy Note 8.  Again you need to head towards Settings > Display > Always on Display and toggle the switch to turn it off.


So, this is how to speed up Galaxy Note 8. Perform all the above steps one by one and you are bound to face some noticeable improvements in the overall performance.

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