Sony Announces Old PS2 Games Are Coming To PS4

Sony announced that they have ported some old PS2 games to be able to play on the PS4. Since December 5, they have provided 8 favorite games for America and Europe to be downloaded. In their announcement, they wrote: “We are getting things started with a bang by launching with eight fan favorites tomorrow.” It indicates their first effort. In the future, they will port more games to be played on the PS4.

The first 8 games and the prices are:

Dark Cloud – $14.99
Grand Theft Auto III – $14.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – $14.99
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – $14.99
Rogue Galaxy – $14.99
The Mark of Kri – $14.99
Twisted Metal: Black – $9.99
War of the Monsters – $9.99

Interestingly, all that games can be enjoyed in 1080p resolution. So does in the inside, it offers the full ‘Trophy Support’, able to invite a friend to play via ‘Share Play’, and stream favorite moments.


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