How to solve Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Real Racing 3 Graphics Problem?

Real Racing 3 graphics is an important app that you can download on your Galaxy Note 3. The app allows you to set desired video graphics for Real Racing-3 game. One thing you should know that in most of the Tegra 3 devices, the graphic is set as low by default. So it might happen like after applying higher graphics quality the game may not start or your Galaxy Note may get hanged. It happens sometimes because the phone does not support higher settings.

While you are using Real Racing 3 graphics app, you may face a problem that the app is not that much smooth that it should be in real. The problem may occur if you updated your Galaxy Note from 3 to 4.4 KitKat. It happens because of compatibility problems. The compatibility issue is a very common problem that often occurs with apps and operating system. You also may face the Real Racing 3 graphics performance problems if the new version of the operating system has issues with the Galaxy Note’s hardware. In such cases, the performance of your overall phone will get affected, and your phone will run slow.

But this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Real Racing 3 Graphics Problem does not happen generally. It’s very rare. Very few Real Racing 3 gamers have faced such a situation. But if you are a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 user and facing performance issue when using Real Racing 3 graphics, then you can follow the following steps:

  • First of all, go to Real Racing 3 Graphics and open the Application Manager. Then close it forcibly.
  • Check that Real Racing 3 main application is not running.
  • Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap “Settings.TouchApplications,then locate Manage Applications Real Racing and clear Cache.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Run the Real Racing 3 graphics app on your phone and set your preferable option.
  • After launching the Real Racing 3 Graphics (RR3 GFX), check whether it is running smoothly and still a problem is there.

On Samsung Galaxy Note 3 graphics processing unit, Real Racing 3 graphics has a good grip. If you see that after upgrading the KitKat version, there is occurring compatibility problem with the graphic processing unit, then graphics rendering will be affected for sure. At the same time, also observe that there is any issue with graphics performance and if so, then to solve the problem follow the above-described process and then check whether it is solved or not.


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