Siri, The iOS Digital Assistant Will Come To OS X 10.12

Siri, a digital assistant on iOS, will be adopted as one of the features of OS X 10.12. According to 9to5mac, this report came from an internal source who said that Apple has found a perfect ‘formula’ regarding how Siri supposed to work on a desktop operating system. This ‘formula’ is got from their long research, that’s what makes OS X a bit too late when it comes to adopting Siri.

Siri is a digital assistant technology, introduced by Apple in 2011 through iPhone 4S. It’s the first popular digital assistant on a mobile OS, which has the capability to understand the words naturally. This Apple’s step was followed by the other companies by making their own digital assistant version, and each of them is unique, such as Google Now, Cortana from Microsoft, Samsung S Voice, LG Voice Mate, and more. On iOS device like the iPhone, Siri can be accessed by holding the home button for 2 seconds or by saying ‘Hey Siri’.

Siri, The iOS Digital Assistant Will Come To OS X 10.12

Siri has the capability just like a human who help you to find information, action, navigation, search, and more. She can also answer some odd questions, like ask her to sing or tell you a joke. Currently, Siri is available on iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3rd gen or later, iPad mini or later, iPod Touch 5th gen or later, Apple Watch, and Apple TV 4th gen.

On OS X, you can access Siri by clicking the small icon on the top right of menu bar as you access the Spotlight. According to the internal source, when we are clicking Siri on OS X, a dark, transparent interface with colorful sound waves will appear to indicate the speech input. The interface Siri design for OS X is not done yet and still has a possibility to change. Besides accessing it through the menu bar, it can be accessed via shortcut keyboard or ‘Hey Siri’ voice order if Mac is connected to the power source. Both can be set through a special preference panel for Siri in preferences system.

Cortana, Windows 10

Cortana, Windows 10


At this time, their rival, Microsoft, has brought their mobile digital assistant to Windows 10 back in July. The delay of Siri to come on OS X makes this digital assistant momentum not too exciting. Apple keeps optimizing Spotlight on OS X to replace Siri in terms of searching, checking information, and more. On OS X 10.11 El Capitan, they make Spotlight smarter. It can understand more than one query search through a natural sentence. If Siri is going to come to OS X, it seems that Apple needs to combine the capability between Spotlight and Siri, so it will not confuse the user.

According to some rumors, the new OS will be introduced on WWDC in June and will be released this fall.


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