Sicher, the Super-Safe Messenger for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS Devices

These days you will not find a single smart phone user who does not use WhatsApp. This is the most popular messaging app for chatting with friends and family members.

Now another messaging app named Sicher came in the market, and the specialty of this app is that it’s a super-safe messenger and developed by IM+ team in Germany. If you are looking for a messaging app that can give you the privacy, then you must download Sicher on your smart phone. No matter if you are using an android phone or Windows Phone or an iOS phone, Sicher is available on the Google Play Store, Windows Phone and App Store. And the interesting thing is that Sicher is free, there is no upfront cost, no subscription fees and no annoying ads.



Enjoy secure messaging using Sicher

All the media messages and text that you send or receive from your contact are protected with 2048-bit encryption. So, no one else except you and your contact can read the messages. Another interesting thing about Sicher app is its self-destruct feature. Messages automatically self-destruct and they cannot be recovered. There is an option to set the timer for self-destruction, and you can be assured that your text or message is erased from both the phones.

Sicher does not store any information on its server, and you can transfer files and documents safely as everything is heavily encrypted here.

Login with passcode

After downloading the app on your phone, create a pass code when launching it for the first time, and you need to provide your number in order to log into this service. The pass code that you create is encrypted and not a single tool can hack it.

Besides chatting with a single friend, you can collaborate on projects with your team members and continue the group discussion. In order to discuss serious things and share files, encrypted chats can be created.

When you receive any new messages, it will show you notifications but do not show what messages come. Thus Sicher makes mobile messaging more secure and protects the privacy.

So download Sicher from the Google Play store or Windows Phone or App Store on your smart phone and enjoy its features.

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