How To Share Multiple Photos On Instagram In One Post

Instagram comes with recent updates. Gone are the days when you were able to upload only one image on the platform

Instagram comes with recent updates. Gone are the days when you were able to upload only one image on the platform of Instagram. With the recent update, the app has launched a new feature in which the users can share multiple photos on Instagram. The feature is rolling out to the users in a gradual manner. Even if you haven’t started using this feature in your Instagram account, then you can see others sharing multiple photos and videos on Instagram.

Under this new feature of Instagram, you can share as many as 10 photos or videos in a single post. The ability to share several photos on Instagram in one post was previously limited only to the advertisers. This feature comes under the specification named “Beta Testing” that has been rolled out to the Android users in the recent update of Instagram.

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How does Sharing Multiple Photos and Videos on Instagram Work?

multiple photos on Instagram

Do you wish to know how to share multiple photos on Instagram? If you are an ardent user of Instagram and love to scroll down the screen every now and then, then you might get excited to hear about this great feature. With the help of striking effects of Instagram, you can apply filters and even edit photos on your Instagram post. You do not have to be worried about overwhelming your Instagram followers with a series of photos. This new feature is more like a story. A bulk upload of images or videos is consolidated into a single post. The first image is displayed in your Instagram feed. The blue dots at the bottom of each image and video would let your followers know that they can swipe through to see more images or videos uploaded by you.

How to Achieve the Sharing of Multiple Photos and Videos on Instagram?

Instagram has launched the great way to post multiple photos and videos that can enhance the overall user experience. Here are some top tips for creating the multi-items post on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram account. Now tap the camera icon to start composing a new post. multiple photos on Instagram
  • Under this, you would see a “Select Multiple” icon. This is next to the “Layout app” icon or the multiple stacked squares.
  • You can tap it. Through this icon, you can select several images or videos from your camera roll.
  • Once you have selected the images that you wish to upload to your Instagram account, you can also select several filters and effects to enhance the quality of the image or the videos. The best feature of this new update is that once you apply a particular filter to a single image, then the respective filter is applied to all the other images as well. Now, you can tap it on the screen of the filter selection.
  • When you have applied the filters or effects to each image or video individually, the other editing and filtering options like contrast and brightness will also become available.
  • When you would share the multiple photos and videos on Instagram, it would appear as a slideshow format in the Instagram feed.
  • If you wish to highlight the multiple photos or videos, there is a stacked square button on the Instagram feed. To aid the ease of navigation of the users, you can find the stacked square buttons at the top right and there are dots under this icon to identify the same.
  • If you wish to see the multiple images or videos of someone, you can swipe through the images to see them all.

Under this new update of Instagram, you cannot expect to take several live photos or videos and then include them all in a single post. The images or the subsequent videos have to be taken separately first. Then, you can select them from your camera or gallery of the smartphone to combine them into a single Instagram post.

Once you have shared multiple photos and videos on Instagram account, your followers can observe an icon on the upper right-hand side of the photos or videos in your profile. This will let them be aware of the fact that you have just shared a post with multiple images and videos. If they would wish to see the same, they simply need to tap the icon. Then, they can swipe through each image to see the whole post. The users can also like or comment on the carousel-style images or videos of other Instagram users. These likes and comments would appear on the entire post rather than one image or video.

Once you have shared the multiple photos and videos on Instagram, you cannot change the accounts that you have tagged in your post. In the same manner, after the images have been shared, you can also not reorder, delete or edit the parts of the posts. However, you can delete the entire post in one go.

multiple photos on Instagram

This new update and feature which lets the users to share several photos on Instagram in one post is quite cool and trending. With the recent advancements in technology, it has become quite essential for such kind of features to come up. Be it your birthday party or any such special event, you can let your followers know about the fun you had through a single share of multiple images or videos on Instagram. With these types of posts, you can share multiple images of a particular event without overwhelming or oversharing the Instagram feed of your followers. The best feature of this update is that Instagram reflects only the best photo from the post in the feed. The rest of the images included in the post can be seen by the followers without having the need to overshare the same.

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