Seven secret functions of the iPhone 6

Did you ever wondered what is your iPhone 6 capable of, or if there are any secret functions that have been hidden by the manufacturers? Here is a tutorial for the new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 has a series of secret functions and it can do all kind of things that are not available on the previous phones. If you have an iPhone 6 and you are asking yourself right now, what these secret functions might be, we give you a few idea that you can try on the spot.

Access with one hand

To get an easier access to commands, the manufacturers have introduced a secret function regarding this matter. If you want to see what you can do with the iPhone 6 in this regard, just touch the home button twice without pushing it, and all the options you need will come down closer to your finger so you can reach with one hand.

Once you select the command that you wanted, everything returns to normal and you are required to press the HOME button twice again if you want to access a different option.

What you can do with the iPhone 6 – Increases icons on the screen

The new iPhone 6 allows you to enlarge the display in order see the installed applications better. All you have to do is go to Settings, Display & Brightness, View and select enlarged iPhone 6 screen. I bet you did not know you can do that on the iPhone 6 screen size.

Use swipe function

The new iPhone 6 introduces the swipe function for many applications such as Safari, Mail or messages. For example, in Safari you can go back to the previous page you visited just by swiping to the left or to the right.

What you can do with the iPhone 6 – Filming in slow motion

You can shoot videos with the iPhone 6 in super slow motion at 240 frames per second. All you have to do is open the filming app of the iPhone 6, slide until you find the slow motion option and then make sure you set 240 FPS in the top right. You really need to shoot something to see what you can do with the iPhone 6 and slow motion function – it is really amazing!

Recover deleted photos

The new iOS from the iPhone 6 is automatically saving deleted photos to an album called “Recently Deleted”. Here you can find all the pictures you have deleted over the course of the past 30 days.

What you can do with the iPhone 6 – Change Siri’s pronunciation

Few know what you can do with the iPhone 6 and Siri when you get annoyed because it mispronounces a word. When asking a question and there is a word that is not pronounced correctly in English, you can correct it by replying with “This is not how you pronounce”. Subsequently iPhone 6 will display all the words you said and you choose which you want to correct.

Charge the battery faster

What you do with the iPhone 6 when you want to charge the battery faster: you use the iPad charger. It seems that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can charge up using an iPad charger and not only the process is much faster, it is not harming the battery’s capacity either.

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