How To Set Up UV Intensity On S Health On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has included the S Health app in its flagship phone Galaxy S5. The company has added this feature to its latest device Galaxy Note 4 also but the improved version. Now you can set up UV intensity on S health on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The below step by step, procedure will help you to learn the process to set up UV intensity on S health on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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S Health On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Set Up UV Intensity On S Health On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

> Go to the Home screen and touch Apps icon.

> Tap S Health app.

> After the S Health app is open, touch Next.

> A screen with Terms and Conditions will appear; there you will see I Agree. Tap into the box next to this option.

> Touch Next.

> If you have not signed in your Samsung account, then do so. However, if you want to sign in later, skip it.

> Touch in the Name box and type your name.

> Touch Done.

> Touch on the Gender icon. Now edit the Date of Birth using the down and up arrows. If you do not want to share your profile information with other users of S Health, touch in the box which is located at the bottom left corner and then tap Next. You will see body measurement screen.

> Enter your height and weight. In order to change the units to centimeters from feet and inches, touch in the box next to height details. Now touch in the individual boxes and using the on-screen keyboard change the information displayed. Provide your weight and touch Next.

> Select Activity Level, then Next.

> Now your profile is created. Touch on Start and you can now start using the S Health app.

> Touch on UV swiping the screen to the right.

> Hit on Ok.

> There is a sensor at the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Point it directly at the Sun. Touch Next.

> Touch Start in order to start measuring the UV intensity.

> At the corner of the screen, you will see a chart view icon. Tap on it if you want to get the details of UV level data per hour, day and month.

> If you want to go back to the previous screen, touch on the Summary View icon.

> Touch on the Menu icon.

> Tap the Menu icon, then Setting in order to access the S Health settings.

> Using ‘Back’ key return to the main screen of S Health app.



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