How To Set Up And Use Private Mode On Samsung Galaxy S7

While Samsung has wrapped many helpful features in their latest flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the Private mode can help you maintain your privacy. If you are afraid of storing some special files, photos or videos in your device, then Samsung Galaxy S7 is the solution to that with its Private mode feature which ensures you can store all your personal things on the device and those will not be unveiled to others.

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What is Private mode?

Private mode is a feature in Galaxy S7 that is designed to hide the needed files in some specific apps and these are Gallery, My files, and Voice Recorder apps. The apps will not be hidden. Some selected content in those apps can be hidden using PIN, password or pattern type. It is more like unlocking a device, however, people will not be able to see your content in Private mode even though they can unlock the device. The content you will hide will only be seen in Private mode, so when you off the mode, the hidden content will not available at all.

Here is how to enable and use this feature in your newly bought Samsung Galaxy S7.


How to enable Private mode:

The setup process of the Private mode is much easier that require you to go to the settings and make some small changes to activate a PIN, password or pattern type.

  • Open the settings app from the home screen of your device or from the app drawer.
  • Next tap on ‘Privacy & Safety’ and then ‘private mode’.
  • Toggle the switch to enable this option.
  • Next, tap on access type to activate any of the following options, PIN, password or pattern type. In order to enable fingerprint as an option, you need to first set fingerprint and then set any of the mentioned options after which fingerprint is to be enabled. That’s it. You have now successfully enabled Private mode on your device.


How to use Private mode:

Once you have set up the Private mode, next comes how to use it. The step by step process on how to use and move files to the private mode is explained here. Private mode is made to work only in three apps in Galaxy S7 now and those are Gallery, My Files, and Voice recorder. To start using the mode,

  • First launch any of the said apps from Gallery, My Files, and Voice recorder.
  • Next select the items that are to be hidden. You can select one or more items at a time.
  • Tap on ‘More’ located at the top right corner of the screen which will bring several options.
  • Now tap on ‘Move to private’ and the selected items will be hidden. The hidden items will not be available then when the private mode is turned off. You can turn off this mode the same way by going to settings.

The process is same for all other apps which let you hide content in Galaxy S7 device.


What to do if you forget the password of Private mode?

There might be times when you may forget the password due to not accessing it for a long time. What should be done in such situation? As a solution to this issue, just have a backup of all your data in Samsung device and then perform a factory reset. You can then again have access to Private mode.

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