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How To Set Unique Ringtones To Contacts On Android

Using an Android smartphone or tablet is never boring, not just because of the apps that you can download from the Play Store, but because you can always tweak the settings and change the look of UI. With just a few simple taps, you can make your device more personal, because you may change the wallpaper, keyboard, language, and so on. The thing you can also do is to set unique ringtones for your favorite contacts. For example, you can assign a specific ringtone for your family members, your significant other, your best friends, or your office. Let’s see how to set unique ringtones to contacts on Android.

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How to set unique ringtones to contacts on Android


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To set a unique ringtone for one of your contacts, follow the steps below:

  • Open Contacts app (on some devices it is called “People) on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Find the person for which you want to set a unique ringtone
  • On some Android devices, you will see the Ringtone option as soon as you open the contact. Tap on it, choose the ringtone from the list, or tap on Music” and choose one of the songs you have on your device. Tap Apply or OK.
  • On some Android phones and tablets, you need to tap on the “Edit” button or pencil icon to see more options. Next, tap on Ringtone and set the ringtone or song you want.


There it is. You have just assigned a unique ringtone to one of your contacts, so from now on, when that person is calling you, you’ll hear the ringtone you set. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to assign unique ringtones to other contacts.



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  1. I have set a contact to a special tone but Now I wish to revert that contact to my default ringtone like all other contacts but I cant seem to know how to go about it as i cant find default ringtone as an option

  2. Thanks for this. Question: just replaced Iphone 6 with Pixel – I think I have successfully assigned unique ringtones to a few contacts but … my Iphone contacts listing displayed the assigned ringtone where the Pixel contacts listing does not seem to do so – so until I get a call I am not sure – am I missing the ringtone field somewhere? Thanks jgp

    1. You’re welcome James 🙂 On most Android phones, once you assign a ringtone to one of your contacts, you won’t see it has a custom ringtone on some visible place. If you go back to same settings and click Set Ringtone or Ringtone, you will see that the ringtone you have set for a specific contact is marked as a ringtone to be used when that contact is calling. Hope this helps 🙂

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