How to Set up Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s latest flagship – Galaxy Note 8 comes with a long list of security options. There is the security PIN, pattern lock, iris and facial recognition and finally fingerprint scanner. For those who don’t prefer the fingerprint scanner over the other biometric alternatives would have to set up the fingerprint scanner to secure their phone. The fingerprint scanner is a smart alternative for security and also comes in handy when you are using Android or Samsung Pay. The fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the smartphone just beside the rear camera. Here is how to set up fingerprint scanner on Galaxy Note 8.

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Steps to Set up Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy Note 8

How to Set up Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy Note 8

  • Go to Settings app on your phone and look for Lock and Security option and tap on it
  • You will find three options here Face Recognition, Fingerprints Scanner and Iris Scanner. Since we are setting up Fingerprint Scanner select this option.
  • Next, you will see a set of instruction go through that. You will need to set a pattern or PIN as a backup for when you haven’t used your phone for more than 24 hours or when you restart the phone. Once that is done you can proceed with the set-up of Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Select one finger that you wish to use to scan and place it on the sensor. Follow the instructions that are prompted you will have to do it several times till the device registers 100% of the print. For those who wish to add multiple options, you can add three additional fingerprints.
  • When the process is completed, tap Done and then if you like to add another fingerprint then click Add.
  • Once you have set up fingerprint scanner on Galaxy Note 8 you will be prompted to change the notification settings so every time you want to check your notification alert you don’t have to use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone.

It is important to keep your phone secure with the biometrics that is given by the company so you can avoid any mishaps. Personal data, videos, and pictures could be taken from your phone and misused if you don’t have a proper security lock in place. Set up fingerprint scanner on Galaxy Note 8 so you can relax about your phone being safe even when you are not around it.

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