How To Set Up Facial Recognition On Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has added layers of security to their latest flagship – Galaxy Note 8. Users love the latest smartphone and it has almost removed the need of having a computer or laptop. It is a powerful phone with some outstanding features to flaunt. One of the features which is not only cool but also useful is the facial recognition. For those who wish to make use of this feature on your phone here is how to set up facial recognition on Galaxy Note 8.

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Step by step guide to set up facial recognition on Galaxy Note 8:

How To Set Up Facial Recognition On Galaxy Note 8

  • From the Home Screen of Note 8 swipe upwards or downwards from the center of the phone’s screen to display the apps screen.
  • Tap on Settings app
  • In the list that is displayed in this screen look for Lock Screen and Security and tap on it
  • Next screen will reveal several options from which you need to tap on Face Recognition
  • You will get a screen with the option to Continue, you need to tap on it
  • Next screen gives you the option to set pattern, PIN or password to be able to use face recognition on your Note 8
  • Use your desired option and set a pattern, PIN or password on the phone and once it is set you will be moved to the next screen
  • This is a Disclaimer page which mentions about the precautions of using face recognition and what you need to do for better face recognitions instructions – such as avoid dim surroundings, dirty camera etc.
  • Next, a screen asking you to be ready for the set up will show up and you would have to tap on Continue
  • A circle appears on the screen along with some instructions which say that you will have to hold your phone at least 20 to 50 cm from your face. It will also ask you to place your face within the circle.
  • Once your face has been scanned you will be led to a different screen asking to Turn On Faster Recognition or Turn Off to make it difficult for the phone to unlock the phone using a video or an image.
  • Next, you will be directed to the Notifications screen. You have the option to turn on or off – Hide Content and Notifications Icons Only.
  • Next screen will inform you that your face has been registered and you get the option to Turn On or Not Now.
  • Once you turn on the feature is set and functioning on your phone. You can now use facial recognition to unlock your phone.

The steps to set facial recognition on Galaxy Note 8 are quite simple. Remember to follow the instructions that the device gives while setting up the feature.

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