Samsung to Bring Some Cheer This New Year with Economical Galaxy Z Flip 3

If reports are to be believed, Samsung is aiming to scale down the production of its Note series and will be bringing the S21 series to the customers a month earlier than expected. Another important step that the global technology giant is expected to take next year is introducing a more economical avatar of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, likely to be called as Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung had pinned its hopes on the Galaxy Note 20 and going by its early success, the company was in the process of increasing its production. But, soon they noticed a dip in its sales and decided to cut down on the production. The company had planned on manufacturing 900,000 units of the phone in the month of October but ended up manufacturing only 600,000 units.

Taking the impact of Covid-19 and the economic slowdown into account, Samsung has decided to focus on manufacturing and marketing cost-effective and affordable phones in 2021. While the company stated that its sales registered a sharp growth in the third quarter of 2020, it perhaps foresees a mild decline owing to the issues arising out of the Covid-19 situation. Like most other global companies, Samsung is veering towards introducing budget-friendly products in the upcoming financial year. Introducing a more pocket-friendly Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 seems to be a step in that direction.

This particular device with model number SM-F720F is touted to be the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and supports 4G/LTE connectivity. Unlike the more expensive models which support 5G connectivity, this particular model of Galaxy Z Flip 3 features a medium-range processor which is procured at a lower cost.

While an official confirmation or announcement from the company is still awaited, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, in its brand new and affordable avatar, will hit the online and offline stores in May or June 2021.

Reports also suggest that the company will introduce as many as four variants of foldable handsets in 2021. These models will cater to the Chinese market. Like every year, this year too Samsung launched a variety of new products to boost its sales. Among its various plans for the new year also includes the plan to launch its next flagship phone in January. While one is not sure what exactly will this new phone offer, it has been heard that it will not include a charging brick and earbuds. Another way to bring down the cost, perhaps!

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