Samsung Shutters Its London Flagship Store

The Q3 sales performances of Samsung have become a story due to the aggressive and rapid approach by them. First, they took a decision to cut down the product pipelines, then reducing the staff and terminating some of its original devices, and now it is in the news due to the prime step to shut down some of its real big store.

London Flagship Store

London Flagship Store

The Verge has reported that not only Samsung has shut down its London flagship store, which was situated in Westfield Stratford City shopping centre but also decided to dismantle this by the 23rd of this month. At the same time, it was announced by them that this shutdown of London flagship store is not going to affect the other nine stores presented in UK.

The Verge has also stated that Samsung has declared in the beginning of this year about the desire of opening 60 stores in Europe. But some incidents like the closing of London flagship store, decision to stop the sales of laptop in Europe and of course the Q3 performances have raised a big question on their pledge to open 60 stores in UK.

This incident took place just after two months of opening a premium flagship store in Beijing, China. This store has tutorial workshop and many other things along with products. The citizens of China have liked the Galaxy A3 and A5 to a great extent, and this may keep this Beijing store unaffected.

Samsung has 17 stores in Japan, which includes very limited product. All these stores lack the content, Several Galaxy Note edge, Gear S services and S5 active, which can lead to closure of the stores if not tackled the issue carefully. So, Samsung is really being aggressive and harsh to handle the leak of unnecessary cash expenses.