Samsung Is Earning High Profit By Selling More Smartphone For Less Money

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has captured most of the market profit this year by selling a great number of Smartphone. Most of the shipped Smart phones are low end and the number of shipped mobile is around 84 million. This number is huge, and it is even more than the tech giant Apple and Huawei Technology. The sale of Samsung was dropped 7% last year, and this step was taken by them to regain the margin quickly this year.

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The number of Smartphone sold by Samsung this year is 6.3% more than the last year. But again, most of the sold Smartphones are low end and very few are high end. While the number of Smartphone sold at $301 price was 55% last year, this percentage is 40% this year. And the number of Smartphone sold at $200 is 38% this year while this percentage was 30% last year at the same time. However, overall, the profit Samsung is creating is huge.

Most of the credits go to the J series of Samsung that is packed with great functionalities but available at reasonable rates. Though this Galaxy J series is a low end device, but you will be able to enjoy many new exciting features that are amazing.

But this is not sure for how long Samsung will be able to hold this tradition as low priced Smart phones by various Chinese companies are hitting the market every day.

Source – WSJ.D Tech 

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