Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge VS Canon EOS 70D. A Dual Pixel AF Test

Someone who owns MGRcyber account posted a video on YouTube, which shows a quality of a dual pixel AF test of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Canon EOS 70D. A dual pixel on S7 Edge is Samsung’s best feature for this year. This feature can make a camera focus faster. This technology covers 100% of Samsung’s camera focus pixel which makes it better than iPhone 6S plus.

MWC 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Announcement

On that test, he shows the quality of both cameras in a dark room and continue to test it in a low-light condition. In a low-light room, he used a light from a smartphone’s LCD pointed to his face. To determine the focus speed, he moves back and forth to find out which camera will focus faster.

Technically, the camera of Galaxy S7 Edge uses aperture f/1.7  with ISO 2000, while Canon EOS 70D uses f/3.5 of aperture combined with ISO 6400. Even though S7 Edge looks better than EOS 70D, it shows that a mobile phone camera keeps facing a better development. However, DSLR camera has a more professional setting and cannot be replaced for a professional photography needs.

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