Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Notification Sounds Not Working – How to fix it

Galaxy S7 Edge is no doubt a great device to own but if any of its features stop working, the experience of using the phone won’t be as enjoyable. Notifications are very important, and one of the issues that may appear is related to notification sounds. Some users reported  the notification sounds not working on their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If you are confronted with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge notification sounds not working issue, no need to panic because this happens due to some sudden changes in the settings menu and you can easily fix it up by going through few easy steps.

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Ways To Fix Galaxy S7 Edge No Notification Sounds:

Method 1: Reboot the device

This is the first step to follow to solve the Galaxy S7 Edge notification sounds not working issue. This is a very small step but can work like a charm in many cases. To force restart or reboot, you just need to long press on the Power and Volume down button altogether for 9-10 seconds till the phone vibrates, turns off and starts rebooting. That’s it. Now check if the notification sound is working.


Method 2: Change the notification sound

Sometimes reboot might not be proved as helpful for you but just changing the notification sounds can work. So, you can give a try if that can fix up the Galaxy S7 Edge notification sounds not working issue for you. To change the notification sound:

  • From the home screen tap on Apps
  • Next tap on settings and select Sounds & vibration
  • Scroll down to find out the option notification sound
  • Here tap on default notification sound and then select the preferred notification sound to set.


Method 3: Ensure the silent or vibration feature is not enabled

In case you have tried these two steps but the situation is same, then the next thing to try is to check if the silent or vibration feature is enabled on your device. To check it:

  • First press on the volume button located on the side of the device to adjust the sound
  • Next, reduce the volume till vibration icon appears on the screen. This will activate the vibration mode and the icon will appear in the notification bar.
  • Similarly, keep reducing the volume till silent icon appears on the notification bar which says your device is in silent mode.
  • Now, swipe down the notification bar and tap on settings
  • There tap on additional volume settings from the Quick settings menu
  • Tap on sounds and vibration now and adjust the sounds as needed.


Method 4: Check if the notification is blocked

Another reason why the text notification sound not working in your S7 Edge device might be because the notification is blocked somehow. So, check if it is blocked by heading towards Settings> Application > Application manager and find the message option. Now click on Message and see if it is blocked. In case it is blocked, change it to allow and the problem will be solved easily.

Similarly, if the notification is blocked in the lock screen, you will not get sound for any notification. So, to check that go to Settings > Lock screen & Security > Notification and see if it is blocked. Change it to allow again in case it was blocked.


Method 5: Check the Game tools

If you played any game recently and started facing the issue just after that, it might be the gaming tools are causing this issue. Sometimes the Game tools keep popping up as you first launch any game and the first question to set is No alerts during the game. If you have set this and forgot about it, then check by going to Settings > Advanced features > Games and Games tools and make the necessary changes.


These are the steps you can follow to fix up no notification sound issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and we hope one of the above methods will work out for you.

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