Samsung Galaxy S7 Charging Slowly On Fast Wireless Charger – How to fix it

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge came with many added features that serve as great reasons to own one of these models and wireless fast charging is one of the helpful features which can charge up the phone really fast. Also, the battery is of great capacity, so battery life issue was supposed to be eliminated with Galaxy S7. However, some users of Galaxy S7 have been seen to complain about the Samsung S7 slow charging on fast wireless charger. If your S7 won’t fast charge or it charges slowly, see the solutions below.

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Potential fixes for Samsung S7 slow charging on fast wireless charger:

Solution 1:

The first thing you may try in order to fix Galaxy S7 wireless fast charging issue is to make sure the fast charging feature is enabled on your device. This can be checked by heading towards Settings> Battery and then scroll down to see if the fast charging is on. If not, enable it.


Solution 2:

In case you are using any casing, remove that and see if the Samsung S7 slow charging issue is resolved. Sometimes, the casing acts as an obstacle and prevents the phone from charging properly. So, in that case you need to use another casing if you figure out it is to blame for the issue.


Solution 3:

While many of you might use the Samsung wireless fast chargings pad that is quite easy to set up, but in case you are using any other charging pad, ensure it supports the wireless fast charging to make it work. Also, it is advised to use the cable and charger which came along with your Samsung Galaxy S7 to avoid such kind of issues.


Solution 4:

If you have tried the above three methods and still the Samsung S7 slow charging issue is persistent on your device, then it might be that one of third party apps is causing the problem. To check that you need to boot your phone in Safe mode, this will temporarily disable all the third party apps. To enter into safe mode:

  • Press and hold down the Power key
  • Keep holding it till the Samsung Galaxy S7 logo appears on the screen
  • As you notice the logo, release the power key and then press and hold down the volume down key
  • Do not release the key till the phone completes rebooting.
  • Once rebooting is done, the phone will show safe mode at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now, check if the phone is charging normally. If yes, then it is one of the third party apps that is causing the issue which can be solved by finding and deleting the culprit apps one by one.


Solution 5:

The last option is to factory reset the device in case all other methods fail to solve the issue for you. Make sure to backup your data first. Here are the steps for that.

  • First press down Power, Home and Volume up key altogether.
  • As you see Samsung S7 logo on screen, leave the Power key only.
  • After few seconds Android logo will be appeared on the screen, release the other two key then.
  • Now, utilize Volume down button to navigate to something and Power key for selecting any option.
  • This way, navigate to wipe data or factory reset option and confirm it by the Power key.
  • Next, go for rebooting the system.


So, these are the methods to follow to solve the S7 won’t fast charge issue. After trying all these steps, if you are left with the same problem, contact the store or your carrier.

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