Samsung Galaxy S6 is an iPhone 6 copy: How true is it?

Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like it was copied after iPhone 6 and since the Apple phone was released before the one of the South Koreans, the assumption must be true, right? In fact, there’s no truth in saying Galaxy S6 was copied after iPhone 6. The metal rectangles, the plastic and glass is recycled from year to year, depending on the market direction.

We compared the Samsung Galaxy S6 with iPhone 6, and if you look under both devices you can say that the first one is copied from the second. However, this copy is not overnight. Indeed, Samsung has developed TouchWiz interface based on design elements from iOS. It is not the first company to do so and will not be the last.

With TouchWiz, Samsung has put its mark on the smartphone more than would they have done only with hardware. They learned it mostly from HTC which experimented TouchFlo with Windows Mobile, then with Sense on the most interesting Android device: HTC Hero . Unlike Windows, which the manufacturers changed it too little, offering only applications but not altering the interface, on Android there was greater freedom and Samsung use it better.

iPhone 6, compared with Galaxy S6 and Edge version

Here, it fits perfectly what LG said. The summary is that you have nothing to innovate, you can curve the phone’s screen, but the same ports, same buttons and the same holes can be redistributed in a restricted space. After all, is there someone who cares where the buttons are placed?


Samsung Galaxy S6 comes five years after the first Galaxy S. There were five years where the plastic was dominant, the bloatware was full, and the camera has improved from year to year. I had, except Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S6, all models that Samsung released and the only one I liked was the Galaxy S3. I am being subjective, but I liked the polished design. I remembered the Palm Pre, a phone that I owned and I loved since 2009.

2Curved edges? Power button on the right? It must be copied after the iPhone 6! Only it was released long before the iPhone 6.

Apple still has the reputation of the company that produces premium gadgets. HTC wants a piece of that reputation, and Samsung has changed the attitude in 2014 with Notes 4 and Galaxy Alpha. However, the phones that come from China are mixed: good facilities, low prices, metal or plastic, with small screens and large, good or bad cameras, and never been that hard for these producers as it is now.

The reality is that a comparison between Samsung, HTC, LG, Apple and everyone else is pointless. The essence of each gadget beyond the online tests ,troling, Samsung or Apple fanboy is for the smartphone to be useful to the user. I own an Motorola Moto X and is enough for now, and probably just as well I would have with an iPhone 6. I would not want a phablet, but I would want the Galaxy S6 Edge just for the wow factor.

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S6 is much like the iPhone 6. LG G3 resembles HTC One M8. OnePlus like Nexus One, Nokia N1 resembles iPad mini. Xiaomi MIUI interface looks like iOS. Facebook has borrowed Google+ interface. However, these phones are not purchased to be unique, but to complement the style and flow of your life. It would be extremely hard for me to do on Windows Phone what I am doing on Android, although I would like the camera of Lumia 930.

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