Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – More Specs of the Premium Device Leaked

The rumor mills appear to be working overtime on the next flagships from Samsung, in the Galaxy S series and in particular, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This model is projected to be the top-end of the five models to be launched by the South Korean giant in San Francisco on February 11. It will also come with the largest display, 6.9-inches. Fresh rumors say this model will be the only one to be provided with the microSD slot as well. Here are the details to have emerged in the latest set of leaks.

The RAM will be 16GB on this Model

Samsung is expected to line up 5 models in its Galaxy Unpacked event next month. These are the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra and 5G versions of the S20 and S20+. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will have only a 5G version. Of these, the RAM support to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC maybe 12 GB for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ but the highest RAM of 16GB is reserved for only the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This will make the phone a rare smartphone model to sport RAM higher than 12GB. The onboard storage may be offered in three variants of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.  Other rumors earlier had suggested that only this ‘Ultra’ model will be the one to sport the 108MP camera and the other models will have to do with smaller cameras.

Battery Likely to be 5,000mAh with 45W Charging

The other speculation about this device is that the battery to be fitted under the hood will be a huge 5,000mAh. The battery will receive 45W super-fast wired charging support. What is not clear yet is if Samsung will include the 45W charger in the pack with the mobile. There is yet another suggestion that all the models will have e-SIM support.

All these details are still coming from unofficial sources and are not confirmed. One has to either wait for Samsung to issue a confirmation on the specifications or wait till February 11 when the Galaxy Unpacked event is held.