Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Can’t Make Phone Calls – How To Fix It

What is the point of having a powerful smartphone if you cannot place a call? Unfortunately, it is something that happens sometimes. It can happen on any phone, including the sophisticated ones like Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+. The reasons vary. A minor glitch may cause it, but it can also be related to hardware. If your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ can’t make phone calls and you want to know how to fix it, you are in the right place. I will share the easy-to-follow steps that can help you solve the issues. Let us begin, shall we?

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Can’t Make Phone Calls

Contact Your Carrier

The issue when Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ can’t make phone calls can also come from your carrier. If this is the case, no matter how many troubleshoots you do on the phone, the issues will persist. So, contact your carrier and make sure the service is on and working properly.

Quick Check

Sometimes, we worry too much, panic, and conclude that it is a big problem when you Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ can’t make phone calls. Usually, it is just a glitch. Perhaps you accidentally enabled the Airplane mode on your phone, disabled WiFi, or else. Therefore, before we go further, do these quick troubleshoots.

1. Make sure the Airplane mode is disabled. You can also toggle the Airplane mode on and off
2. Toggle WiFi
3. Toggle Cellular Data

Force Stop The Running Apps

Some apps can cause your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ to act weird. Force close all running apps may help.

1. Navigate to Settings and select the Apps option
2. Tap More (three dots)
3. Tap Application manager
4. Select the app you want to stop and tap Force stop

Restart The Phone

Before you jump into the more complicated troubleshoots, why don’t you try to restart your Galaxy S10/S10+? Restarting your phone once in a while will give it a fresh start and fix the temporary issues.

Inspect Your SIM Card

Check your SIM card status. If you find it has no service sign on the screen, open the tray, inspect if there is physical damage, like scratch? Remove SIM card from the tray and put it back correctly. Now, check if the service bar is back to normal.

Make sure you have an active plan to make an outgoing call. If you have just bought a new SIM card, ensure you have activated it. Call your carrier to ask about the activation status of your SIM card. Try to make phone calls to a different number to test whether the issue comes from your end or not.

Inspect Internet Connection

To make VoIP calls, you need an Internet connection. Ensure you have a stable WiFi network or cellular data on your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+. These small tricks work in many cases.

1. Toggle WiFi
2. Switch to mobile data or try a different WiFi network if it is available

Disable Call Barring

You will not be able to place calls if the Call barring feature is activated. When you turn on this feature, you cannot place any calls or receive the incoming ones.

1. Press the phone app on your phone
2. Tap the three dots (menu icon) on the top-right of the screen
3. On the drop-down menu, choose Settings

4. Select the Supplementary services option
5. Choose Call barring
6. Tap Voice call
7. Turn on/off call barring. If you are prompt to enter the passcode, use 0000.
8. Tap Ok to confirm.

Clear The App Cache

The accumulated residual files of apps may slow down the phone’s performance. Maybe that is why your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ can’t make phone calls. Therefore, clearing the cache can be a solution.

1. Go to Settings of your Galaxy S10/S10+
2. Tap Apps
3. Choose the app that you want
4. Tap Storage
5. Tap the Clear cache key

Reset Factory Settings

There are tons of changes that you have made on your Galaxy S10/S10+ since you bought it. One of those changes may cause the issue. Performing Reset factory settings will bring all settings to their default. However, it will erase your phone data. That is why it is essential to backup your phone data before running this method.

1. From the Apps screen, tap Settings
2. Find General management and tap it
3. Tap Reset
4. Select Factory data reset
5. Tap the Reset button
6. Tap Delete All