Samsung Galaxy J1 4G: The Smartest Choice You Can Make

What is the Samsung Galaxy J1 4G? It is the rebirth of the Galaxy J1, a low-end, yet reliable Android smartphone. If you are choosing a smartphone, this one should appeal to you for its body is of insignificant weight and has a responsive interface. The J1 G4 is a sleek, angular, intricate device and is surprisingly inexpensive at around 7,500 INR. It is the pinnacle of accessibility and ease. It is the beginning of the end for bulky, unsightly phones. It is minimalistic, yet fully capable. It is stripped down for agility, and ready to go.

The Look and Feature

Released in January of 2015, the J1 4G has always been noteworthy for its compact size. The ability to be both small and lightweight is uncommon amongst quality smartphones. However, the J1 4G is capable of everything expected and much more. With its thin, feather-light frame, the J1 4G is easily the most powerful phone in its weight class.

Powered by Android, you can reach applications inaccessible to others. In the Google Play Store, you will find plenty of entertaining content not found on an iPhone or Blackberry. Google Play often has Google Play Exclusive Editions of your favorite games, at a fair price.

On the simple, sleek body there are several dimples, each with a purpose. The volume management, power button, the battery housing. They’re all present, but in the palm of the hand they feel one with the rest of the phone. Where there needn’t be material, there isn’t and where there should be material, there is. There are no extra plastic or metal bits hanging off the sides. It doesn’t get more minimalistic than that. The ultra light weight allows you to do things with the J1 4G you might not otherwise. These include allowing smaller children to use it or placing it on stands with limited weight capabilities. Even if one doesn’t take advantage of these opportunities, the phone feels and weighs very nicely in the palm of the hand. If you are looking for a phone that is easily held and is not too heavy, the J1 4G  should definitely be on the shortlist.

Purity was the focus of design for the J1 4G. This comes across as you look at the lowered, carved surfaces, similar in appearance to a fighter jet. Along the back, all is flat except where there need be more material. An attempt to shave away the grams, the milligrams. The buttons themselves are level with the face of the phone and are very sleek.

Resting in the metal skeleton is a small, 1850 mAh battery. This battery compartment is easily opened and closed, which allows for easy withdrawal of the battery or for the replacement of the battery. Because this battery powers a very small screen, it can have a charge expectancy comparable to the larger battery. This is in tune with the general principal of the J1 4g, get rid of anything not strictly needed. It

The Screen

Some lower-end smartphones are easily overwhelmed by screens too large and processors too small. In contrast, the J1 4G simply takes the task in stride, delivering beautiful quality pictures on a manageable screen. The 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor is capable of going the distance to keep lag at bay. It should be noted that 1.2 GHz is an impressive processor in this price range. In fact, phones twice as expensive operate on the same amount. With the J1 4G, watching movies, playing games and surfing the web are never going to be the same. This agile device can deliver exceptional video and picture quality as if it were nothing.

Unlike some other phones, almost the entire screen of the J1 4G is reachable while being held by one hand. Try doing that on an HTC One Max! This screen allows for flexibility in texting, scrolling and general use of the touch feature.

The Camera

Take selfies? Hate taking selfies? Either way, you’re not doing it right. Too many buttons being pressed, often ruin the angle of the shot. With the J1 4G’s Palm Selfie function, you can easily snap a selfie with a simple hand gesture. This eliminates time and energy unnecessarily spent otherwise. Just like the Tap to Take Pics feature. Which, as the name implies, allows the user to take a picture by touching anywhere on the camera application, and not a specific “take picture” button.

The camera is about average for the price range, at 5 MP (2592 х 1944 pixels). Notwithstanding, the J1 4G comes with features that may not be expected, such as LED flash, proximity sensors, face detection, touch focus and autofocus. It will take pictures very well in most conditions and is most definitely user-friendly. If you mostly  use your camera for social media, then I suspect this camera is powerful enough for your needs. Nonetheless, with all of this taken into account, the camera is still substantially less powerful than cameras of other smartphones available.


You use e-mail, the internet, SMS text and GPS. If your phone is the Swiss Army knife of tasks, then the J1 4G is an anorexic Swiss Army knife. It has purged itself of the unnecessary features common among its rivals and has realized it has yet to be equaled. The J1 4G is a statement of speed, efficiency, and innovation.

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