How to root the Sony Xperia Z2 Without Bricking

Are you afraid of rooting your Sony Xperia Z2 then bricking  your phone? If you want to gain administrative rights on your Android device, you will have to root your phone. When you are done with rooting process, you will be able to make changes on your phone that you could not provide before rooting. Today, we will show you How to root the Sony Xperia Z2  Without Bricking your phone .

Rooting the phone will give you many advantages, and some of those advantages are:

You will have more storage space on your device

You will be able to remove every pre-installed application

Your device will run smoother and better

How to root the Sony Xperia Z2

How to root the Sony Xperia Z2

To root the Sony Xperia Z2 please follow the steps below :

Here is the explanation How to root the Sony Xperia Z2.

You will have to download and save to your desktop:


CWM Recovery


Sony Xperia Z2 – Flashing a Custom Recovery

1. Right click on the Fastboot to extract the files

2. When you see CMW Recovery Image, rename it and as a new name enter boot.img

3. On your device, you will have to turn on USB debugging (go to: Menu, then settings, developer options – USB debugging)

4. Now you will have to connect your device with your PC with USB cable

5. Hold Shift and right and then click to any empty area on the screen and choose Open command windows here, in order to launch Command prompt Window

6. In the Command prompt window type: adb reboot bootloader

7. Your device will reboot and it will be in the bootloader mode

8. In the Command prompt window type: fastboot flash boot boot.img, it will flash CWM recover Image on the device

9. When you are done, you will have to issue the command: fastboot reboot and then you are done with part one.


Sony Xperia Z2 – Rooting

1. Connect your PC and your device with USB cable

2. From your desktop, copy to your SD card

3. Unplug device from PC when all files are copied

4. Turn off your device

5. Turn on your device – hold power and volume up buttons together

6. You will be in the recover mode, and then select install zip, then choose zip from sdcard

7. Choose file

8. It will start to flash the file

9. When the flashing is over, reboot your device

You are done!


You saw every step and now you know How to root the Sony Xperia Z2. Follow every step carefully, and your phone will be rooted smoothly.


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