How to Restore Gmail Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S5

Today someone has asked me to “all of his gmail contacts are deleted and he wants to know how to recover his lost Gmail contacts”  most people did not know that there was a restore feature of gmail.However, the tool is limited, it can only retrieve your lost gmail contacts  from the 30 days.

This Google Restore Feature for the Samsung Galaxy S5 includes 


  • Recover your deleted gmail contacts on your Galaxy S5
  • Restore lost contacts after an unsuccessful sync
  • Undo any  recent imports done on your galaxy S5
  • Undo any recent merge perform by your Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have delted or lost your  gmail Contacts for over a month, then this task won’t work.Reason being, google has a lot of storages and free space, and most email service providers won’t even give you an option to recovery your lost Gmail contacts.Therefore, google has the edge here by giving users and maxuim of 30 days span to recover your Gmail Contacts on your Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Restore Gmail Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S5

>On your Galaxy S5, Open the Gmail App or navigate to gmail on google search

>Click on the Gmail drop down option

How to Restore Gmail Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Restore Gmail Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S5

>Now, click on on the button “More”


>At this part you will select “Restore Contacts”

>Select what time back then you want to restore from , example- 20 minutes ago, 7 days ago etc


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