How To Reset Face ID On iPhone X

One of the best security features of the iPhone X is the Face ID. While the Face ID is quite safe and works fine, there may be a couple of times you may find it to be problematic. This may usually happen when the users change their appearance. For instance, you have had a very different haircut or have started using glasses. At this time, you need to reset the Face ID to ensure it runs flawlessly. Keep reading to learn how to reset Face ID on iPhone X.

Steps to Reset Face ID on iPhone X

How To Reset Face ID On iPhone X

  • Go to Settings on iPhone X
  • Enter your passcode
  • Tap on the Face ID & Passcode
  • Tap on Reset Face ID

This will delete the previous Face ID and all that your iPhone X device had learned about your face earlier. Your device will then take you through the steps you did earlier to set up the Face ID. Follow the prompts and finish resetting your Face ID on your iPhone X.

The steps are pretty simple and once you have reset your Face ID on your iPhone X, you will be able to use the biometric as you did earlier.

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