How To Remove Drafts On Instagram

It is not an unknown fact that a lot of hard work goes into a single Instagram post. This popular social networking app gives you the option to draft the photos you edited. That way, all your hard work is saved. Here, we have discussed here how to save, access and remove drafts on Instagram.

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How To Save Drafts

Instagram’s draft feature is a useful option to save your edited pictures at one stop. You can edit any media and save it or edit further in the future.

  • Once you launch the app and go to the post photo option, select the media you wish to upload.
  • After making the required changes to the post, you can exit the editor with the option “save draft” or discard. If you choose the former option, your media will be saved directly into the drafts gallery with all the editing.

How To Remove Drafts On Instagram

A point to be noted here is that the app will only save a draft post which has been edited. If you do not edit your picture, the “save draft” option will not appear.

But what to do in case your draft gallery becomes redundant or you just wish to delete some posts? Here’s a guide on how to remove drafts on Instagram.

How to Access Drafts

  • Once you launch the app, click on the post photo option.
  • You will find your library media divided into sections named “All Photos” and “Drafts”.
  • The first four photos in the draft gallery are directly viewable. You can access the entire gallery by clicking the “manage” option on the right corner.

How to Remove Drafts on Instagram

Since its update in 2016, the drafting option is a much-used feature amongst Instagrammers. This drafting feature gives you the benefit of saving an edited or captioned media. You can keep this media saved as drafts as long as you wish. But the draft gallery isn’t a permanent picture collection. You can delete any or all the pictures saved as drafts anytime. Follow the steps below to remove drafts on Instagram.

You can remove drafts on Instagram is through the “manage” drafts option. Once you open the drafts gallery in the app, you will have access to all the saved posts. You can tap on the “edit” button in the right corner. With this step, you will get the option to manually select the posts you wish to delete. After selecting the media that you wish to remove, click on the “discard posts” button at the bottom end.

  1. Open your Instagram application.
  2. Click on the Camera Icon on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Next, click on ‘Library’.
  4. Select ‘Manage’ option available on the right of your drafts.
  5. Click on ‘Edit’
  6. Select the draft/drafts you wish to discard and click on ‘Discard Posts’ option.
  7. Your unwanted draft is now successfully deleted from the saved drafts on your Instagram.

How To Remove Drafts On Instagram


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