How To Remove Bloat Apps On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

When you download apps from Play Store, you can delete them anytime you want. Don’t need the app anymore, or you find it boring? Just uninstall it. But, the story is a bit different with pre-installed apps. The applications that came with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when you purchased it cannot be deleted unless you root your Android, but many people don’t want to do that. There is another option – you can disable the apps. Let’s see how to remove bloat apps on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and make them inactive.

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How to remove bloat apps on Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Note: Before we move to the quick and short guide that will show you how to disable bloatware on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you need to be careful and make sure not to disable any of the system apps because these apps are essential for the phone’s performance. System apps usually have Android logo right next to them.

To disable the apps, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Application Manager (located under Applications section)
  • You will see three tabs: Running, All, Disabled
  • Tap on All
  • Go through the apps, tap on the one you wish to disable (make sure it does not have the Android logo)
  • Uncheck “Show notifications”
  • Tap Disable

There it is. The app is now disabled, and from now on it will be inactive. To see which apps are Disabled, go to Settings > Application Manager and tap on the Disabled tab. If you ever change your mind and want to make the app active again, go through the same steps, click on Disabled, tap on the app you want, check the box “Show notifications” and tap Enable.





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