Recover Your iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery from Tenorshare

We can all agree on this – data on your iPhone is more precious than the iPhone itself. For example, the photos of your baby or some amazing and beautiful moments, which are of course unrepeatable. Maybe there’s an important SMS or call history that you want to keep and to be used in the future.

Lost data on the iPhone might be caused by these common things, such as:

  • The iPhone hangs or blank, so it cannot be accessed
  • The iPhone enters to the recovery mode and needs to be restored.
  • The failure of iOS updates on your iPhone
  • Accidentally delete items
  • Your iPhone is stolen or missing
  • iPhone is disable
  • And so on.

The method to recover data on the iPhone is not as flexible as the methods in personal computers. As a former Apple technician, I have found many issues related to lost iPhone data. Many customers have to let their iPhone data gone as a part of the troubleshooting procedure. To recover data on the iPhone is a difficult thing to do, due to the limitation from the iPhone itself, such as:

  • You cannot access the data from the iPhone that has a crash issue from another device
  • The iTunes backup file on a Mac/PC is unreadable, so you cannot preview the contents inside
  • The backup file on iCloud cannot be previewed, except you restore it first to the iPhone.

These limitations are the part of the iPhone’s security system, which is good, but at the same time it can make someone frustrated when their iPhone data is gone and inaccessible. Some users need to contact a professional recovery data company and pay them for the service, which can be pretty expensive.

If you are facing this issue or if you want to prepare yourself whenever you face it, in the future, I will share you a solution from a company that is popular with the recovery data and utility softwares: Tenorshare.

Tenorshare has made a recovery data solution for the iPhone with their software name iPhone Data Recovery. By using this software, you can recover lost or deleted iPhone data without iTunes backup. Of course you can get back Photos, Messages, Contacts or other data that got lost due to iOS 9 upgrade, iOS jailbreak or restore, which commonly happens. I have an opportunity to try and review about this magic software further.

There’re two words in my mind when I was using this software: simple and easy. These are important elements of a software for anyone in a panic or frustrating situation because they have just lost the important data. Let’s take a look at the software:

Recover Your iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery from Tenorshare

They provide 3 ways to find lost files. With the easy to follow interface, you only need to choose one of these three data sources:

1. iPhone
2. iTunes backup files
3. iCloud backup files

The next step, the iPhone Data Recovery will scan and provide the files preview at an explore window, and you can choose which files you want to recover. The iPhone Data Recovery can find 20 different file types.

Recover Your iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery from Tenorshare

Call history
SMS Attachments
Voice Memos
Camera Roll
Other Photos
Photo Stream
WhatsApp Attachments
Viber Call
Viber Message
App Document

This software is available for Mac and PC and it supports all iPhone versions: iPhone 6/ 6 plus, iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs/3G, and lower versions with the latest iOS versions or older.


You can get this Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery  with special discount for this moment.

iPhone Data Recovery for Mac just $159.95 $79.95
iPhone data Recovery for Windows just $139.95 $69.95

One more thing: Tenorshare doesn’t only design the iPhone Data Recovery, which is limited to a data recovery feature, they also have the other interesting features:

  1. Sync Recovered Contact, messages, and notes directly to the iPhone
  2. Print Text Messages, Photos, Contacts, Notes, and more from iPhone (optionally).

Last Words

With the simple and easy design app, 3 easy steps: Scan >> Preview >> Recover, 3 backup sources: iPhone, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup, and 20 different types of files, the iPhone Data Recovery from Tenorshare is an ultimate software for recovering data on your iPhone.

Technobezz disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.