How To Prevent Your Samsung Galaxy S5 From Overheating

Most of the Samsung Galaxy S5 owners have been complaining about the overheating problem of this powerful smart phone. Here are some tips to Prevent Your Samsung Galaxy S5 From Overheating and you can try them to see if your phone really gets overheated.

Off the screen when the phone is charging

Prevent S5 From Overheating

Prevent Your Samsung Galaxy S5 From Overheating

If you leave the screen on for hours, the phone gets overheated because the screen is the component which gets overheated faster when you use the phone. So to Prevent Your Samsung Galaxy S5 From Overheating always turn off the screen when the phone is in charge. Also low the screen brightness when the battery is charging.

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Do not charge your Galaxy S5 when gaming

Many smart phone lovers play games on their phone. We all know that game heats up your phone faster. Now imagine what could happen if you play games of high definition for hours when the phone is charging. So always avoid doing this.

Do not keep your phone under sunlight or heat

Do not place your phone over the fridge, near a stove, oven or in your car for hours. The external temperature not only makes the phone overheated, but it could also make the battery swell or explode when the temperature goes beyond the threshold.

Never neglect unusual heat from your phone

Some Samsung galaxy S5 users have complained that their phone is getting overheated after turning off most of the features even if the radios also. This is of course a hardware issue and there is nothing to do except returning the phone to the carrier from where you bought it and ask for a replacement. To know if the Samsung Galaxy S5 is faulty do not make any change in the settings during the first boot up until the battery is depleted. If you see that the battery is getting overheated, replace it as soon as possible.


Boot Your Phone Into Safe mode and test the applications on your S5.

This can be accomplished by Booting your Samsung Galaxy Into Safe Mode