Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working – How To Fix It

Is your Nintendo Switch dock not working? Follow the steps in this article to solve the issue.

Is your Nintendo Switch dock not working? You are not the only one because many users reported the same issue. Some users said it dropped working altogether, and others said the connection with a TV stops occasionally. 

When it comes to dock issues, the main problem lies in the cables – they are not inserted in the proper order, or one of the cables is damaged. If the wires are all right, it could mean the Dock you have is faulty, so you should contact Nintendo customer support. But, before doing that, let’s ensure the cables are all right.

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Nintendo Switch dock not working – things to try.

For Nintendo Switch Dock to work smoothly and without any issues, you should connect the cables in the correct order. In addition, none of the wires should be faulty or damaged.

However, before moving to cables, restart your Switch. A restart can fix minor bugs and glitches, and your problem could just be a glitch. 

You must connect cables in the correct order.

Unplug the cables (all of them) from the Dock, and then connect them in the correct order:

  • The Power cable goes first
  • Next is the HDMI cable, which should be connected to your TV already
  • Now insert the Switch into the Dock.

Are the cables faulty?

You need to ensure that all the cables aren’t damaged or broken. First, look at the power cable (and make sure you are using the one that came with your device). In addition, make sure the cable is not going directly into the extension cord but the outlet. The HDMI cable should be in great condition, so you will have to replace it if you notice some damage. Also, both cables should be connected appropriately for the Dock to work.

If the cables are connected in the right order and the cables are not damaged, contact Nintendo Switch customer support.

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