Nexus 6P Stuck In Do Not Disturb Mode – How to Fix It

The Nexus 6P is a brilliant device but if you have recently been facing problems with your Nexus 6P stuck in Do not Disturb mode, then we have a few solutions that can help. It appears to be a software glitch because a number of users have reported this problem. Since Do not Disturb mode on the 6P disables your phone’s ringer and there is no volume in the videos you watch or the songs you play, it can be very agonizing to have a phone stuck in this mode.

Users with very little knowledge of phone troubleshooting found it very frustrating to fix the issue. The volume controls do not work when your face this problem. Google has acknowledged that the problem lies in the software and recent updates seemed to bring an end to this problem. If you are still facing this problem then let us look at the different ways in which you can fix this issue.

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Potential Fixes For Nexus 6P Stuck In Do Not Disturb Mode

Solution 1: Reboot Your Device

To begin with, the easiest way to try and deactivate Do not Disturb mode is to reboot your device. Press and hold the power button till the power options show up on your screen. Tap on Restart and allow your Nexus 6P to restart once the phone switches on again, then check if the Do Not Disturb mode has been deactivated. If the problem is resolved then you can go back to using your device as usual, but if not then follow the next solution.


Solution 2: Update Your Device

While a lot of users were able to fix the problem with a restart, others found that updating their phone’s software helped in solving the problem. Since Google has accepted that the problem lies in the software, it has released updates that can help fix the problem. If your phone’s software is not up to date, then follow these steps and update it:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on About Device
  • Tap on Software Updates and allow your device to check for software updates
  • If it detects an update, it will prompt you to download it
  • Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to avoid data charges and proceed with downloading the update
  • Once your Nexus 6P installs the updates, it will restart

Check if the problem is fixed after the updates are installed.


Solution 3: Set Up a New Custom Rule

A lot of users found this to be the best workaround for fixing the Nexus 6P stuck in Do not Disturb problem. If you were not able to get rid of Do not Disturb after the update then try the following steps and create a new custom rule which can help you switch of Do not Disturb on your device.

  • Head into the Settings menu of your device
  • Look for Sounds and Notifications and tap on it
  • Then tap on Do Not Disturb
  • Next, tap on Automatic rules and set up a custom rule. Remember that this new custom rule should start sometime in the past and it should end about 5-10 minutes from the moment you set it up.

This will put your device into standby mode for the number of minutes you have chosen. Once the time elapses, the rule will expire and your device will automatically turn off Do not Disturb mode. This is a workaround that a lot of users have tried and it has worked for most of them.


Solution 4: Toggle the volume

Another workaround that has helped users is to toggle the volume button to bring it down to vibrate and then going down one more to silent mode. Then bring it up and you will get the option to turn off Do not Disturb. Tap on End now and check if the problem is fixed. Toggling the volume will help you disable Do not Disturb so that you can go back to using your device as usual. But if your Nexus 6P Do not Disturb problem is not fixed yet then follow the next solution.


Solution 5: Change DND priority settings

Some users have found that the problem can be solved by changing certain DND settings which will help you get the option to switch off do not disturb on your Nexus 6P. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your phone
  • Tap on Sounds and Notification and then go to Do not Disturb
  • Tap on Priority only allows
  • Tap on one of the features like calls and then change the value under calls from none to anyone

Once you press the volume button after this, you will get the option to end the DND so that your phone can go back to function normally.


Solution 6: Reset your Nexus 6P

If everything else fails, the last resort is to reset your device to factory settings. Since this step returns your device to the original state in which it came when you took it out of the box, you will end up losing a lot of personal data. This is why it is important that you create a backup of all your data. You will also lose the applications that you are currently using and it must be installed all over again. Google will allow you to back up your data before you proceed with a reset.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Backup and Reset
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see the option that says Reset phone
  • Tap on it and confirm your selection.

After the restart, the problem should be fixed so you can restore all your data and start using your device as usual.


These are fixes that our readers have used to fix the Nexus 6P stuck on Do not Disturb mode. Some of our readers have noticed that the problem reoccurs while for others it was a one-time issue. If you are currently facing a problem with your 6P do not disturb mode then use these solutions to fix it.

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