Nexus 6 Notification Led Meaning

If you have bought Google Nexus 6, you may get confused by the different notification colors and may want to know the Nexus 6 Notification Led Meaning. Unfortunately, there is no specific app that can help you learn the Nexus 6 Notification Led Meaning. But of course ways are there. Light Flow is a popular app which allows you to set your notification light up the way you want. You can also try to customize it.

Nexus 6 Notification Led Meaning

Nexus 6 Notification Led Meaning

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Google Nexus 6 is one of the powerful and of course popular smart phones with Snapdragon 805 processor, sharp display, latest lollipop OS and camera that is capable of taking good quality photos. However, developers have added Ambient Display in this smart phone instead of graceful LED notification lights. In this post I will tell you the ways to install Light Flow app and enable it. In our other posts you will find problems and solutions on Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 5 and also other smart phones such as Galaxy S5, Galaxy s4, Galaxy S3, Moto X and others.

> download Light Flow app on your Nexus 6 and install the same.

> Launch the app and tap the Settings icon.

> You will see a check box next to “root mode”, “Run every command as root”, and “Direct mode”. Mark them.

> Now back to the main menu of this app and select any app after touching Notifications icon.

> Change the Light Settings swiping the screen to the right. You will see “Enable mixer” option scrolling the screen down a bit.

> Mark the checkbox next to the “Enable mixer” option and you will have the option to active Blue, Red or Green notifications. You will also get an option to set the LED brightness.

After using the phone for few days, you will easily understand Nexus 6 Notification LED Meaning.


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