How to Fix Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem

In this article, I will show you how to Fix Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem. Nexus 5 is among the latest Android 4.4 KitKat powered mobile phone bringing out a new flagship for Google. However, several stories exist about its fast-draining battery, which is mainly due to Skype App.A Google representative later confirmed the Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem. The Representative states that it was related to the Qualcomm chip ,this is use for camera operations in the phone. He also promised that he will work with the company to fix it with the next software update.


Are you experiencing the same problem? Is your Nexus 5 battery life too short and cannot stand for just one day? Here are effective solutions on how to fix Nexus 5 draining battery problem:

How to Fix Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem

1 Update your Skype App.

For some reasons, Skype App and Camera App, are said to be the main cause for draining the battery of Nexus 5. How often do you use Skype and video calling? Google finds a very effective solution by working with new updates on Skype app to lessen CPU usage. The idea goes like this, when you are using Skype on your phone, the camera is also activated. Thus, even if you close Skype, the camera still works in the background, which makes it operating continuously, consuming your battery. This problem is given strong attention, and a brand-new update on Skype App is made to solve the problem. If you are experiencing the same problem, you must update your Skype App. According to Google, the new update on Skype App takes big improvement on the battery life.

2 Use Greenify to stop Skype to Fix Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem

How to Fix Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem

Download Greenify from google play. With Greenify, your phone will never move slow again. Your battery will also last longer.

3 Each time you use camera reboot your Phone

A clever solution to fix Nexus 5 easily draining battery problem is to restart your device each time you use a camera module, whether instagram, skype, oovoo ,or camera its self. This is found to be a very effective way because it refreshes your background processes and ram to default.

4 Download CPU Control Lite

How to Fix Nexus 5 Easily Draining Battery Problem

Most of the time you will see your CPU usage very high, Google Play services and mm-qcamera-daemon. “mm-qcamera-daemonisn’t an app. It’s a process that runs in the background when your apps are closed. This consumed a lot of CPU usage, which result in high battery consumption. To Fix Nexus 5 running on KItKit 4.4.2 Easily Draining Battery Problem, , Download CPU Control Lite from Google Pay store(Root is required) .This is the simplest and most effective CPU control application

5 Update all other apps installed on your Nexus 5 phones.

As the draining battery life in the Nexus 5 becomes a hot issue, Google spends more time finding solutions to the problem . Skype usage is not the only the reason batteries drains fast . While you have many apps installed on your phone, possibilities of draining your Nexus 5 batteries are high. I advice to update all installed apps on your phone. This helps a lot in improving your battery consumption as well as your phone’s performance.

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Check your Battery Charger.

If you have done everything, updating apps and changing your battery, and Nexus 5 easily draining problem still exists, check your battery charger. There are some battery chargers that drain your battery instead of charging especially when you exceed few hours of charging cycle. If that is the case, replace your battery charger with a good one. It helps and keeps you safe.



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