With the iPad Event Nearing, Are Touchscreen Macs in the Works?

Apple plans to introduce touchscreen Macs by 2025, shifting from its no-touchscreen stance, aligning with industry trends and user demands for hybrid devices..

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Apple is reportedly on the verge of introducing touchscreen capabilities to its Mac lineup, a significant shift from its longstanding design philosophy. This development, highlighted by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, suggests that Apple could unveil a touchscreen MacBook Pro with OLED technology as early as 2025. This move would bring Apple in line with competitors who have long embraced touchscreen technology in laptops.

Historically, Apple has resisted adding touchscreens to its Macs, preferring to keep touch input confined to the iPad lineup. Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder, famously critiqued touchscreen PCs, arguing they were "ergonomically terrible." However, consumer demand and the evolving tech landscape seem to have spurred Apple to reconsider its stance.

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The introduction of Apple Silicon chips has already blurred the lines between Macs and iPads, with the ability to run mobile apps on Mac systems highlighting the potential for touch functionality.


This potential shift comes as Apple prepares for its "Let Loose" event on May 7, primarily focused on the iPad. The event is expected to showcase major updates to the iPad Pro and iPad Air models, including new chipsets that enhance performance to near-Mac levels. The updated iPads are also rumored to adopt design elements typical of Macs, such as a more durable aluminum Magic Keyboard, signaling a further merging of device categories.

While the immediate focus is on the iPad, the implications for the Mac's future are significant. Integrating touchscreen technology into Macs would not only align Apple with industry trends but also cater to users seeking hybrid devices that combine the functionality of both laptops and tablets. If Apple does indeed introduce a touchscreen MacBook, it would mark a profound transformation in the company's approach to computing, reflecting broader industry shifts toward versatile, touch-friendly devices.

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