Google will begin mass-deleting old Gmail and Photos next week. How to save it

Key Points
  • Google to commence mass deletion of old Gmail and Photos content.
  • Users urged to take action to preserve their data before the impending deletion.
  • Time-sensitive opportunity to safeguard valuable Google account content.  
  • If you've got some old Google accounts lying around, you might want to log in soon. Google is set to start deleting inactive accounts from December 1st, taking with them all your precious emails, photos, documents, and more. Why is Google doing this?

    According to Google's Vice President of Product Management, Ruth Kricheli, inactive accounts are at a higher risk of being compromised due to outdated or reused passwords, lack of two-factor authentication, and limited security checks. As a result, accounts that have not been used or signed into for at least two years may face deletion. This proactive measure is intended to mitigate potential security threats and protect users from various risks, including identity theft and unwanted or malicious content distribution.

    However, you can take specific actions to prevent their accounts from being deleted and safeguard their data. You just need to log in at least once every two years to keep your account safe. That means sending an email, watching a YouTube video, or even downloading an app on the Play Store could save your account from the chopping block.

    Google will send reminder emails to both the primary and recovery email addresses at least eight months before taking any action to delete inactive accounts. Users who receive these notifications should promptly sign in to their accounts to prevent deletion.

    Google Account. Credit. Unsplash

    If you've forgotten your account details, like your password or email address, Google's got your back with account recovery tools to help you out.

    It is important to note that certain accounts are excluded from deletion, including those used to purchase Google products or subscriptions, and accounts associated with organizations. Therefore, individuals who have utilized their accounts for activities such as purchasing extra storage space or subscribing to Google One or other services will not be affected by the account deletion process.

    Google's phased approach to the deletion process will initially target accounts that were created but never used. This gradual approach to account deletion, coupled with proactive notifications to affected users, aims to provide ample opportunity for account holders to take necessary actions to maintain the active status of their accounts and prevent inadvertent deletion of their data.

    Therefore, to ensure the preservation of their Google accounts and associated content, users are encouraged to proactively sign in to their accounts. Use Google's account recovery tools if necessary, and remain attentive to any communications from Google regarding the status of their accounts.

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