Google Pixel 8 Pro Unveils First AI Core Update - Elevating AI-Powered Features

Key Points
  • Google rolls out first AI Core update for Pixel 8 Pro, introducing a new app to power AI-driven features directly on the device, enhancing user experience.
  • The AI Core update, specific to Pixel 8 Pro devices running Android 14 builds, manages on-device AI models, enhancing features like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and delivering personalized recommendations.
  • Pixel 8 Pro users urged to apply the AI Core update from the Google Play Store, or await automatic delivery, as it promises improved AI functionality, advanced user experiences, and sets the stage for future AI innovations.
  • Google recently rolled out the first official update for the AI Core app, specifically tailored for Pixel 8 Pro devices. This update, transitioning the app from version 0.release.539035001 to 0.release.582652206, brings a host of AI-driven features and improvements to the forefront.

    AI Core, a background service present on Pixel phones and tablets since the initial Android 14 update, plays a pivotal role in empowering AI-driven functionalities across the Android ecosystem. The app, now receiving its maiden update, ensures that AI-powered features run seamlessly on the device using the latest foundation models. Moreover, the update is designed to automatically manage and update AI models to keep the features cutting-edge.

    The update for AI Core has been observed as specific to Pixel 8 Pro devices running the stable and beta (QPR1 and QPR2) Android 14 builds. Significantly, this enhancement is yet to be available for the Pixel 8 or older Pixel devices, indicating an exclusive focus on bolstering the AI capabilities of the latest Pixel iteration.

    AI Core. Credit. 9to5google

    Some of the noteworthy AI-driven features empowered by AI Core on the Pixel 8 Pro include automatic scene detection for the camera, improved Google Assistant responses, and personalized recommendations. These features, in addition to enhancing user experience, distinguish the Pixel 8 Pro from other smartphones in the market. Notably, AI Core also oversees the management of on-device AI models, supporting features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, ensuring that the device consistently operates with the latest, performance-optimized models.

    If you are a Pixel 8 Pro user, it is advisable to head over to the Google Play Store to apply this significant update. Alternatively, the AI Core update will automatically be delivered to devices within the next few days, promising a more seamless and intelligent user experience, courtesy of the latest AI advancements from Google.

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