Apple Music Collaborative Playlists Feature Delayed in iOS 17.2 Update

Key Points
  • Apple Music's Collaborative Playlists feature faces unexpected delay in the anticipated iOS 17.2 Update.
  • Concerns about abuse and spam are cited as the primary reasons for the feature's removal from the update.
  • Users will have to wait longer for the collaborative playlists feature, which allows them to collaborate on playlists.
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    Apple's new iOS 17.2 update has left music fans feeling disappointed because the Collaborative Playlists feature in Apple Music, has been taken out. This means people won't be able to use it until at least 2024, which is a long time to wait.

    The feature, first revealed during Apple's WWDC in June, initially appeared in the beta version of iOS 17.2. But it was suddenly taken out in the fourth beta version, indicating that Apple is dealing with some problems. Insights from 9to5Mac suggest that Apple decided to pull collaborative playlists from iOS 17.2 due to concerns about potential abuse and spam. To counter these challenges, Apple is introducing new measures, including limiting the number of "pending requests" a playlist owner can entertain.

    This has made users wonder about what kinds of problems could happen. To make a collaborative playlist, users need to turn on a feature that lets them control who can use it – this is important to prevent any bad behavior. Without this control, playlists could be open to unauthorized changes, spam, or harmful content. Apple's work to make playlists more secure and give users more control seems really needed in this situation.

    The problem is even worse because people were really looking forward to Collaborative Playlists being an important part of iOS 17. But since the year is ending soon, it's increasingly unlikely that this feature will be included in iOS 17.2. People are guessing about when the next updates might come out – maybe there will be a smaller update before the end of the year, but the big changes will probably wait for iOS 17.3. Looking at how Apple released previous versions, it seems like the first test version of iOS 17.3 might not come out until next year.

    As Apple deals with these problems, it's obvious that Apple Music users are really unhappy. The fact that Collaborative Playlists aren't in iOS 17.2 shows that Apple didn't keep the promises they made before. People are hoping that Collaborative Playlists will come back in a later update, but they might have to wait until iOS 17.3 for it.

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