New Music Service From Apple: Apple Music (Music)

Apple Music is “one more thing…” WWDC 2015. Started by Tim Cook, then it was continued by Jimmy Lovine who previously in Beats, then Eddy Cue and Drake who’s take on stage to show indirectly how powerful the features that available in Music. So, what is Apple Music? What’s the different with iTunes or iTunes Radio? Apple Music is streaming music service from Apple which is also associate with iTunes Music Store. There are 3 things that become highlight from Apple Music:

  • Revolutionary music service
  • 24/7 global radio
  • Connecting fans with artists

New Service Music From Apple: Apple Music

Revolutionary Music Service:

The revolutionary thing from Apple Music, it has natural “algorithm” that is a person behind the scene who can create the best playlist for you based on your favorite. There is no other best algorithm than a music expert, because music is a feeling wherein the regular algorithm could wrong in choosing it for you. A music expert can give you a recommendation of music playlist with the greatest database up to millions tracks from music industry and available more than 100 countries. It makes Apple Music easy to be adopted by user. And this what the competitor doesn’t have and that make Apple Music different.

Every week you will be offered a new album and new artist. And get playlists for every activity, and from every genre.

New Service Music From Apple: Apple Music

24/7 global radio

This thing also doesn’t have by other competitors as the unity service. Apple Music will have a groundbreaking 24/7 global radio station. Broadcasting nonstop to over 100 countries from LA, New York, and London.

Apple Music features Beats 1. Music, interviews, guest hosts, news, and culture. No matter where you are, you can hear the same programming as every other listener. The advantage of this global radio that everyone can listen the same thing, the disadvantage sometimes the user needs in every country is different. So, i think it’s better if Apple has they own radio channel in every country to give them a different taste and i’m sure it will be happened.

New Service Music From Apple: Apple Music

Connecting fans with artists

This is the greatness of Apple in making a connection easy. Actually, iTunes Store has became a place for artists to create connection service which can make the fans feel close to them, but wasn’t really liked by users. Connect feature on Apple Music can become a channel for artists to give their fans the latest update about them, so they can be always connected with their fans.

New Service Music From Apple: Apple Music

This is great! What a music service. Starting on June 30, Apple Music will launch with a 3-month free membership and after that will be charged for only $9.99 and there will also be a family plan providing service for up to six family members available for just $14.99/month. I think it’s so cheap adn you will be offered not only the latest playlist but also real recomendation from expert according to your favorite, global radio and connect to our artist!

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