New Apple Patent For Adding Tags In Photos

Apple continues to surprise us by making a smart application for its mobiles, an application that will be based on voice.

Adding keywords in photos, the process of “tags”, can be proven to be a very time-consuming procedure, especially because it is manually done. However, this whole tag procedure is a very intelligent way to find a photo that it is lost among hundreds of other photos in many albums and assist in categorizing this photo along with the others, labeling it according to the subject given by Facebook users.


Apple insider website is responsible for discovering this new Apple patent, which takes this tagging  process of photography one step further. This new innovation will allow the mobile Smartphone users to add tags to their photos only with the use of their voices!

The patent makes use of the so-called “Siri technology” and is officially named “Voice-Based Image Tagging and searching”. But this application does not stop the function of adding tags by means of the voice. It will enable the user to recover a photo by its tag as well.

How can this happen in action? The user will be able to say a phrase, for example, “me in the park”, add to the photo the keyword “park” and his name, as well as the names of every person that this photo shows. This keyword will then apply not only to the specific photo that includes a park, but for all other relevant photos in his album. Every time he will give the command “Show me photos of park”, the Smartphone through this patent will reveal only those that have to do with the keyword.

The new application can be used not only to recognize a simple location, like a park. It can be used to trace buildings, interesting sites , individuals and so on, as it will create a very interesting database that will resemble an online encyclopedia.

What has technology more in store for us after that?

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