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Microsoft Is Planning To Bring Their Windows Phone Keyboard To iOS

According to the Verge’s report, Microsoft is planning to bring their Windows Phone keyboard style to iOS. It’s got from the email that is received by some of Windows Insider members.

“Microsoft is looking for iPhone users to trial the Word Flow keyboard. It’s not clear when Word Flow will be released publicly on iOS, but Microsoft is already ready to test it more broadly so it will likely arrive in the coming months. Microsoft’s Windows Phone version of Word Flow includes autocorrect, suggestions, gestures, and the ability to swipe letters (like Swype) to type out words.”

Microsoft Is Planning To Bring Their Windows Phone Keyboard To iOS


This plan adds the long list of the applications they have made for iOS. Currently, there are some popular Microsoft applications for iOS device, such as Office, Outlook Mail, and the latest one was Selfie app for iOS. The third party keyboard was allowed to be used on iOS devices since iOS 8, and Microsoft got a chance to keep developing their apps for iOS platform. Are you interested trying it out once it becomes available for iOS?


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