How to Efficiently Manage Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Usage

Just like almost all the gadgets have an issue with their battery even Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a battery drain issue. Its has a 4,450 mAh capacity battery which is put under the non-removable cover. Samsung does not promise about the exact time that the battery will last but upon our research we have discovered that with a normal usage Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 would last a day with a fully charged battery. In this article we will be talking about How to Efficiently Manage Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Usage. 

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How to Efficiently Manage Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Usage

This would be helpful when you do not have a power source where you can device for charging. The device has smart in built sensors that help in determining which apps are not being used, which are consuming maximum power, etc. Here are the steps that would help you do the same:-

How to Efficiently Manage Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Battery Usage

Learn about current battery usage

You should always know how is your device managing the battery usage before trying out the next steps. Here’s how you could do that

-> Go to My Device
-> Select Dashboard
-> Select Power Usage

 Change the power settings to low power

-> Just like the above step go to Power Usage
-> Tap Select Power Mode
-> Click Apply under Low Power.

Close or uninstall applications

There are application that run in the background process even though you might not use them, toy could either close them or uninstall them

-> Go to Power Usage and select Battery Usage
-> Select the application that you want to close or uninstall
-> To close the app select Force Stop
-> To uninstall the app, select App Info and then select Uninstall.

Change Screen Settings

Brightness- The level of brightness of your screen should be moderate. The lower the brightness, the lower would be the battery used to power the screen.

Screen Timeout- This would turn off the display of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 automatically if not in use. You can change the settings from 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

Set Power Saving mode

Power saving mode is used to maximize the battery time by limiting the performance of the CPU and uses a low power level for the screen. We highly recommend you to use this feature all the time.

Do not set Live Wallpapers

When you are running low on your Tab’s power and you need to last long make sure you do not have Live Wallpapers set or disable it if it is set. Live wallpapers are nothing but the multiple photographs that you have chosen to switch continuously as your wallpaper. It consumes a lot of battery power and also utilizes processor performance a great deal.


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