How To Make Calls, Send And Receive SMS From Your iPad, Mac

Have you bought a new, or you are planning to purchase a new iPad but you are not well informed on How To Make Calls, Send And Receive SMS From Your iPad, Mac? You do not need to be afraid of how you will use it because we will be of great assistance to you. There are very simple steps that you are supposed to follow. Below are the steps for that.

How To Make Calls, Send And Receive SMS From Your iPad, Mac

How To Make Calls, Send And Receive SMS From Your iPad, Mac

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> You need to make sure that both the devices you would like to use are well connected to a common WIFI network.

> You should also be connected to a common iCloud account on the devices you would like to use.

> You will also have logged in to the common Face Time using the very similar iCloud account on the devices you want to use.

> Your devices’ Bluetooth should be switched on and the devices be kept closer to each other.

At the time when you are done with all the above actions;

> Go to the settings section of your iPhone or iPad and then navigate to Face Time and then go to the phone mobile calls. You should turn it on.

> In case you are using a Mac OS, you need to open the Face Time app and then navigate to preferences. You should then go to ‘check iPhone cellular Calls’.

> You can enable text message forwarding. You are supposed to navigate to your phone settings then to messages. Go to the text message forwarding and power it on. You should also ensure that they are connected to the same WIFI.

> Your other device should be able to display a certain code that you need to use on your iPad in order to enable text messaging.

You will now be free to perform messaging.


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