LG V10 Screen Not Working After Calls – How To Fix It?

If you are looking for solutions for your LG V10 screen not working after calls then we have listed out some ways that can help fixing the problem. Some of the V10 users reported that their phone screen would turn black even after the call ends. Without the screen working as usual, the phone almost loses its ability to do any work. And knowing how important smartphones have lately become, it is difficult to imagine life without having a smartphone that works properly. So let us find out what causes this problem and look at the solutions that can fix this screen issue on the LG V10.

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Reasons For The LG V10 Screen Not Working After Calls

Proximity Sensors

When you are on a call, your phone screen takes the help of proximity sensors to find out if your screen is close to your ear or not. When you bring your phone to your ear, these proximity sensors signal the phone screen to turn dark, and when you move your phone away from your ear, the sensors signal your phone to turn the screen on again. If these proximity sensors are not working properly or if they have been damaged, you will begin noticing problems of the screen turning black or not waking up after calls.


Software Problems

The proximity sensors rely on the proper working of your phone’s software to ensure that the information from the sensors is carried to the phone’s processor effectively so that your phone screen can work as expected. In case of a problem with the software, like a bug or a glitch, you may find that the screen is not working properly.


Potential Fixes For LG V10 Screen Not Working After Calls

Solution 1: Clean the area where the sensor is located

Sometimes, all you need is just to clean the sensor so that they work properly. Sometimes, oil and dirt may settle in front of the sensor. When the sensor is covered by something, it senses that the phone screen is close to the ear so it does not send the signal to your device to turn the screen on after the call has ended. To solve this, take a soft cotton cloth and wipe the area above the screen because this is where the sensors are located.


Solution 2: Check your phone case

While phone cases that are specifically made for the V10 ensure that the sensors are not covered, some of the generic phone cases may end up covering the sensors and causing a problem. Try removing the phone case and make a call. Does this fix the problem? If yes, then the problem lies in the case and your phone must be working fine, switch the case and the problem will be fixed.


Solution 3: Use the right screen protector

Some of our readers who started facing this problem had recently changed their screen protector. If you happen to use a screen protector which was not meant for your device then there is a chance that the LG V10 screen goes black after call. Remove the screen protector or cut out the area of the screen protector where the sensor is located and check if it solves the problem for you. If you had recently put a new screen protector on your phone then there is a chance that your problem will be fixed. Make sure you buy a screen protector that is made for your LG V10 to avoid the same problem in the future.


Solution 4: Use an app to reset the proximity sensor

The Play Store has a number of third party apps that can help users reset the proximity sensor if it is not working as expected. Since the LG V10 screen blackout during call issue appears because of problems with the proximity sensor, use an app like Proximity sensor reset or Proximity  fix to fix the screen problem. Recalibrating the proximity sensor with the help of these third party apps can solve the problem. Make sure that you pick an app that has positive reviews. If the problem lies in the proximity sensor, then the app will prove helpful.


Solution 5: Boot the phone into safe mode

If the screen problem is being caused by a third party application, then the best way to find this out is by booting your LG V10 in safe mode and checking if the screen works properly in safe mode. If it does, then there is a misbehaving app that is causing the problem. To boot your phone in safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Power off your device by pressing the power button till the screen shows the power options. Tap on Power off and allow your phone to switch off.
  • Now press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button till you see the System Recover menu on your screen. Release both the button and look for Safe Mode.
  • Use the volume buttons to highlight Safe Mode and then use the Power button to select it.
  • Your V10 will restart and the screen will say Safe mode.
  • Make a call and check if the phone screen is working as expected.

If your screen works properly, then one of the third party apps on your device is causing the problem. Since all third party apps are disabled when you use your phone in Safe mode, you are able to use your phone without any problems. While the problem could be arising from any of the third party apps, try to think of the last app that you downloaded on your phone and if your phone started misbehaving since this app was downloaded, then your solution lies in the uninstallation of this app.

However, if you are not sure which app could be causing the problem, then you can uninstall the third party apps one by one till your phone starts working properly.


Solution 6: Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then go ahead to perform a factory reset to solve the software problems which may have caused your phone screen to misbehave. But before you proceed, remember to take a backup of all your data because your phone will return to its original state when you had taken it out of the box. This means that all data including third-party apps will be wiped. Creating a backup will ensure that you do not lose essential information when you reset your device. Follow these steps to reset your device:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Backup and Reset
  • Tap on Reset phone and tap on OK to confirm your selection

Once your device has been reset, your problem should be fixed and the phone should start working as usual.

If you happen to face the problem even after a reset, then there is a chance that your phone’s proximity sensors have been physically damaged. This could have happened because of a fall or excessive pressure on the sensors. Take your device to a repair shop or your carrier.

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