LG G2 Common Issues And How To Fix Them

LG G2 is an LG flagship phone that was released in 2013. It’s the successor of Optimus G. The unique thing from G2 is the placing of the volume rocker and power button on the rear body. Even though the device is really good, some users faced some  issues on their G2. Here is the list of G2 common issues and how to fix them.

lg g2

LG G2 common problems and how to fix them

LG G2 Lagging Issue

The lagging issue on LG G2 is one of the common issues. If you having that issue right now, just simply try these solutions below.

Solution 1:

Wipe cache partition: Settings > General tab > Storage > wait for a few second > tap Cache Data > tap OK > wait for some time until the clearing process is done.

Solution 2:

Perform the factory reset: Settings > tap General > find and tap “PERSONAL” > tap Bacup and Reset > tap Factory Reset > tap Reset Phone > tap Erase Everything > tap OK when the warning message appears.

Fast Battery Drainage Issue

Some users experience their LG G2 battery drains fast. Of course, this is not a pleasant thing at all. You can try these solutions to deal with this issue.

Solution 1: 

Boot the phone in safe mode by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the “Power Off” message appears > tap and hold “Power Off” > tap ‘Reboot to safe mode’ > tap OK. After the rebooting process is done, your LG G2 will be restarted.

Solution 2:

Perform a factory reset by going to Settings > General > find and tap “Personal” > tap Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > tap Reset Phone > tap Erase Everything > tap OK to confirm.

LG G2 Slow Charging

Slow charging on LG G2 is a common issue that is reported by some users. These simple solutions might help you to overcome the issue.

Solution 1:

  • Stop Automatic Syncing(KitKat 4.4.2) by going to menu > Settings > Accounts
  • Disable Google Auto-Voice Detection(KitKat 4.4.2)
  • Download the battery saver apps to solve battery drain on Kitkat 4.4.2

Solution 2:

Activate Battery Saver Mode by going to Settings > General > Battery > turn on Battery Saver Mode.

Solution 3:

Download and install Battery Stats Plus. After it is installed, go to Battery Stats to see which apps cause the battery drain issue on your LG G2. Once you find those apps, terminate them.

Solution 4:

Turn off Location and GPS by going to Settings > find and tap Location Services under Personal > uncheck all the Box: Location and Google location, GPS Satellites

Solution 5:

Perform Factory data reset by going to Settings > tap Backup and Reset > tap Factory Data Reset.

Mic Not Working Issue And Audio Crackles

What can you do if the mic and Audio of your LG G2 are not working? It can be so annoying, right?

Solution for microphone not working

Method 1:

Try to hold the plug strongly to see that microphone and headset both are working or not.

Method 2:

Turn off the noise suppression feature by going to Call Settings > find the Noise Suppression feature.

Method 3:

Blow up the compressed air into a microphone hole to take out the dust and dirt from there.

Method 4:

Updating the phone with the latest version firmware if it’s available.

Solution for audio crackles

Check if your headphone jack is loose, because it might cause the audio crackles issue.

SwiftKey force closing on LG G2

Swiftkey is an interesting third party keyboard, but if it cause a problem that is not fun at all. Here are the steps to fix it.

Go to System Settings > select General > tap Device > select Apps option, swipe it to the left and you will see “All” option > find and tap SwiftKey app > tap Clear Cache > go to Clear Data > click OK and wait until the process is done.

Slow Gallery Loads Issue in LG G2

If you are facing a slow gallery loads issue in LG G2, these very easy solutions might help you to fix the problem.

Solution 1:

Un-sync all your social accounts on your LG G2, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

that accounts that are present in your phone like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Solution 2:

Clear cache and data for the Gallery. 

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